Alerts in Digital Signage

Alerts in Digital Signage

Alerts in Digital Signage let you be the first to know if your screen goes offline and when it comes back online. You can set up individual notifications for each screen so that if a screen goes offline for more than the specified amount of time, an e-mail notification will be sent out to the recipients of the alert. If the screen comes back online after the alert has been sent out, the system will also send out an online alert to let you know that the screen is back online.

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The cool thing about setting a time is never getting notifications that are not relevant. And even more cool is that you determine when a notification is relevant for you. For example, why get a notification every time a screen goes offline if it’s just a glitch in the network? Instead, try setting a 10 min. time (Let’s call this a delay in minutes) and if it’s simply a glitch in the network, you will not get the notification. But in case the player or the network actually is having a problem, you will receive a notification.

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  • Time – Set the time in minutes. If you set it to 5 min. you’ll receive a notification in case the player is offline for more than 5 min.
  • E-mail – Insert one or more e-mail addresses. The e-mail addresses here will receive the notification for both offline and reconnect status.
  • ON or OFF – Activate or deactivate notifications.

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Can I add an e-mail outside my team?

Yes, you can add any e-mail address, we are not doing e-mail verification on e-mail addresses used here, so if you needed an additional e-mail you could simply create a new one at Gmail.

Can I set a default e-mail address for new screens?

Yes, you can. In your profile, you can set your default values, check it out; Default Values