Video Input for Digital Signage

Video Input for Digital Signage

Video Input for Digital Signage can be used to show content from an external source, it can be a live TV feed, Xbox gaming console output, office computer, webcam, or any other device that outputs HDMI signal or registers as a web camera interface.

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How does it work?

The plugin has to be set up both on the player as well as in a playlist.

Imagine you have a web camera you’d like streaming in your content as a picture-in-picture. Connect your web camera to your player’s USB port, open our APP, open options, open Video Input, and in the dropdown choose your web camera.

Next, go to and log in, go to Playlists, open your playlist, find the slide where you’d like to add the content, open plugins (In the top menu), and click on Video Input. When you’ve added the plugin to your playlist and clicked publish you should have your web camera playing on the TV connected to the player.

  • Windows / Linux / MAC: You will need a 15$ HDMI capture card like this. This device enables your player device to receive HDMI signal input, normally HDMI on computers is an output-only interface.
  • Android: Zidoo Z9X has an HDMI input port.
    • The HDMI input plugin will be shown always top of all other elements in our app
    • When using portrait orientation, the screenshot of the video input does not work properly.

Direct the HDMI signal to the HDMI input port of your device, in the player settings page you will find a button for “Video input”, go to that page and configure the player software so it knows which input to use for the plugin. On that page, you can also verify that our software detects and displays the incoming HDMI signal.

In our web playlist editor, you can find the HDMI Input plugin under the “Plugins” menu. You can add it to a slide and position it in a desired location.

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Plugin Options (In your playlist)

  • Alignment – Maximize, move, and lock the plugin.
  • Always on top – No, means the plugin will playback under other elements in the canvas. Yes, means the plugin will playback on top of any other elements on the canvas (Unless video or playlist-in-playlist are set to YES also).
  • Position and Sizing – Adjust the position and size of the plugin pixel by pixel.

Player Options (On your player)

  • Select video input source – In the drop-down you will find all compatible video input. Choose the video Input you want to use.
  • Select audio input source – In the drop-down you will find all compatible audio input. Choose the audio Input you want to use.

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What devices are supported?

Any device that is represented as a video input will work with this plugin.

If you are looking to stream live TV, sports, documentaries, etc., using an Amazon FireTV Stick, Chromecast, or similar, you can purchase an HDMI-to-USB adapter at the price of $15 (Amazon Video Capture Card).