Shortcuts in the editorDigital Signage Text in Play

Shortcuts help when you’re creating content in our editor.

When you have the editor open, you’ll find a small icon of a keyboard in the grey bar above your canvas. Open that to find all available shortcuts.

Shortcut overview

< (Arrow left) – Move selected object(s) to the left
> (Arrow right) – Move selected object(s) to the right
Arrow up – Move selected object(s) up
Arrow down – Move selected object(s) down
ESC – Deselect object(s)
CTRL A / CMD A – Select all objects on the canvas
CTRL C / CMD C – Copy selected object(s)
CTRL V / CMD V – Paste selected object(s)
CTRL DEL / CMD DEL – Delete currently selected object(s)
CTRL Z / CMD Z – Undo changes
CTRL Y / CMD Y – Redo chanegs
SHIFT T – Add text
SHIFT O – Add oval (Circle)
SHIFT R – Add rectangular
SHIFT A – Add asset


There is a function that I use very often, could you add a shortcut?

┬áIt depends on the function, but feel free to send us a request at [email protected]