Schedule your TV on/off in Digital Signage

Schedule TV on and off in Digital SIgnage

Scheduling your TV is an option that allows you to turn off the LED panel in your TV. There are several ways you can turn a TV on and off when you don’t need your digital signage content running.

Example; You run a shop. The displays are indoors and when the shop is closed, there is no reason to keep the displays on, consuming power and wearing down the TV panels. With scheduled display control you can set up specific hours of the day when the TV is turned on and off.

Turn your TV on and off using Play

This method allows you to turn on and off your TV in Play Digital Signage’s software.

Supported devices:

How it works

Go to Screens, then find your screen and click Settings. Scroll down and find the section where it says “Display on”. You can toggle the feature on and off on the right. If you expand the section you can set your display on and display off for each day of the week. When you’ve set up your display on and display off schedules the TV will automatically turn on and off the display or led panel according to your schedule.

Turn your TV on and off using a SmartPlug

This method allows you to turn on and off your TV using a SmartPlug

Supported devices: ALL

How it works

This method does not use our software, you will have to purchase a SmartPlug (For example, Amazon SmartPlug), then download Alexa (Depending on what SmartPlug you get), and then set up when the SmartPlug should turn on and off the TV.

Using a SmartPlug means you’re turning the power on and off for both your TV (Or SmartTV) and the media player, so it’s important that the TV defaults to your preferred HDMI channel when turned on. Also, make sure to toggle on Launch Player on Startup.

Turn your TV on and off using the Black-Out method

This method allows you to turn on and off the LEDs on a TV

Supported devices: ANY device without backlight

This method has been used for more than a decade on billboards and LED signs and it will work on most TVs that don’t have backlight. The general idea is to turn on and off the LEDs, or more specifically, ask the LEDs to go black and since black is 0% light, they will not consume power. However, the TV and display will still be on and standby power will be consumed.

First, add a new playlist, then add a slide in your playlist with the duration set to Forever. Pick black as the slide background and hit publish. Then follow the procedure in Scheduling, to  create a rule telling your TV or media player to use the black-out playlist when no content is desired.


I have a Tizen display, can I turn the TV off from your software?

Yes and no, in settings you can tell the TV when to keep the display on and when to turn if off. But keep in mind this method only turns off the display, and the TV will still be on.