Vimeo can easily be embedded in Play Digital Signage playlists using our website plugin HTML code option. Read the article to find out how what you have to do.

Share the video

To get the embed code, click on the “Share” button on the video.

Share the video from



Customize embed

In the popup window scroll down to the embed section and do the following:

  1. Click “Show options”.
  2. Select “Responsive” size option.
  3. Check “Autoplay this video”
  4. Uncheck option “Show text link underneath this video”
  5. Copy the resulting HTML code
  6. Add new Website plugin in our editor
  7. Select “HTML code” option and click “Add HTML button”
  8. Paste the HTML code
  9. Disable the “Pre-load website” option in the website plugin settings!

More customizations

You can customize many more aspects, such as speed, quality, start time, mute video, etc.

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