How does it work?

With help of our Weather Plugin, you can easily display a forecasts or a today’s overview in your content. This page will give an overview of how the plugin works and how it can be used.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


  • City – Location-based
  • Units – Either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Theme – Sets the icon theme, we currently have Black, White and Colored themes available.
  • Language –  Sets the language for the description text. If you can’t find your language in the selection and would like to help us with translations. contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with a list of conditions that need to be translated.


When you first add the plugin to a slide, it will come as one block in a fixed layout. However we never want to limit your creativity, therefore you can ungroup the plugin into smaller parts, so you can arrange (or remove) each individual part as you please. In the image below, the plugin on the left is intact, whereas the plugin on the right has been ungrouped and each individual part can be moved, deleted or resized to your liking.

Play Digital Signage Weather Plugin in action


How often is the data updated?

The weather API returns weather data for next 24 hours in 1 hour intervals (10:00, 11:00, 12:00, ec..), the plugin will display the weather of current hour (at 14:25 the current hour is 14:00). As weather is subject to change, the plugin will request next 24 hour weather updates from API every 6 hours. At midnight the plugin will fetch forecast for next 4 days and update the day forecasts.

What happens if the player does not have Internet connection?

The player will store weather data in local memory for 6 hour upon first successful load. If there is no Internet connection on first load, the plugin will be hidden. If the Internet connection is not restored after 12 hours of previous update, the plugin will not be shown.

Where is the weather data coming from?

We use weatherbit API for weather data.