How does it work?

Today in History will display events that have taken place on this day in history. You can use it to spice up your content with interesting facts. You might also like our Quote plugin.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


  • Events – Specifies how many events will be displayed in the designated area.
  • Event ordering
    • Random – Randomly selects events from the event list.
    • Most recent – Will display most recent events from the list.


Where is the event data coming from?

The events are loaded from Wikipedia day pages, such as Please note that we don’t filter any events, some events may be catastrophes or terrorist attacks.

How often are the events updated?

The plugin will load events every time the slide is displayed. If you have selected random events, then the events will differ each time slide is shown.

What happens if my player doesn’t have Internet connection?

The player will load all events for a given day first time the plugin loads. If the device does not have Internet connection on first load, the plugin will not be visible. Subsequent loads don’t require Internet connection as the data is stored locally after first successful load.