How does it work?

With our generic ticker, you can add moving text to any slide. This ticker, not to confuse with our RSS ticker, displays static text and needs no sources.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


  • Alignment – Align the plugin on the canvas (Left, center, right, top, center, or button)
  • Font – Set your fonts to match the rest of your content.
  • Font size – Set your font size between 1 > 200 px
  • Speed – Set your speed to slow, normal, fast, or one of the time-based speeds 5s > 55s (Where choosing 10s would mean the text takes 10 seconds to move from one side to the other)
  • Direction – Set the direction of the moving text to either right or left
  • Always on top – Choose rather or not your ticker should always be on top or not. Auto is mostly used when using zones in your playlists so that the moving text stays in its own zone.
  • Layer – Move the plugin up and down in layers (See also the above “Always on top” settings)


Why is the ticker lagging?

If your ticker is lagging when moving across the screen there are multiple factors to take into account. First, know that moving elements across a screen is demanding a lot of resources, so if you have a low resource player you might not get rid of lag. Also, you should try changing the speed to check if slower-moving text removed the problem. Lastly, keep in mind that if you set ALWAYS ON TOP to NO that requires 3x the resources then setting it to YES (The reason for this is you have elements both under and over the moving text).

How do I restrict the ticker to a zone?

Let’s say you have two zones side by side. If you want the moving text to only display in one of the zones you need to choose AUTO in ALWAYS ON TOP