What is the RSS Ticker?

With RSS ticker plugin for Play Digital Signage you can embed external RSS feeds as ticker (text scrolling from right to left). At the core, RSS is just a text file in XML format that websites frequently update when a new story is published. Most news portals and blogs also publish an RSS feed, typically the feed is linked in the page footer or you can find it by searching. Example RSS feed looks like this:

NOTE: if RSS ticker plugin doesn’t fit your needs then you can try Alternative RSS Viewers and Website Plugin.

* RSS – Really Simple Syndication (wikipedia article on RSS)

Watch the demo in our preview player.



  • Include title – Typically each feed entry contains a title and a description. Depending on who publishes the feed and what information you find relevant, you can toggle title inclusion in the ticker.
  • Include description – Often description is a small excerpt of the article itself, typically it’s either too long or irrelevant for the ticker, but depending on the circumstances you may want to include it as well.
  • Feed entries to display – Specifies how many most recent feed items will be included in the ticker.
  • Refresh interval – Specifies how often the plugin will check the feed source for updates. The default value 60 minutes is quite reasonable for most feeds.
  • Always on top – By default the ticker is rendered as a separate element so that players don’t need to render entire slide for each frame, but rather just the ticker itself. This is important as most entry level players can not handle rendering entire canvas at least 24 times per seconds for smooth scrolling. The drawback to this approach is that the ticker will be on top of other elements, this can be a problem for a typical setup where users want the ticker to scroll under a logo for an example.
    • Auto – Player will automatically determine if it should be on top.
    • Yes – Smoother scrolling, see.
    • No – Depending on the player hardware acceleration capabilities, the ticker may struggle.


My player can’t render player smoothly if always on top is set to “no”, but I still need to scroll it under an element.

Depending on circumstances, you may be able to leverage the fact that sub playlists are always rendered on top of other elements, including tickers. So in this example the BBC logo is actually a sub-playlist with just 1 slide set to play forever. The BBC logo we’ve been using is 267×200 pixels, so we created a playlist with that aspect ratio. Next we set the slide to play forever and added the BBC logo on the first and only slide covering entire canvas. Then we went back to the playlist and included the logo as a sub playlist so ticker would scroll underneath it.

What happens if my player doesn’t have Internet connection?

The player will store the feed in temporary cache after first successful load. If the device does not have Internet connection on first load, the plugin will not be visible. Subsequent loads will display feed from previous successful load until next update is successful.

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