Button Plugin

Button Plugin can be used to create interactive touch workflows. You can assign click actions to certain elements, such as images, text and shape elements. However sometimes, you may need to assign certain areas for click action regardless of what is behind the area.

The button plugin can be used for several scenarios and most commonly touch kiosks – take a look at our guide where we create an interactive quiz to see how to create content for your digital signage kiosks.



How can I make the playlist to reset back to first slide?

You can build custom workflows by specifying which slide will be played after a slide. For an example if you have a menu with several options, you want the player to reset back to the first slide regardless of which option was clicked, therefore you need to override ‘After this slide play’ value to back to slide 1. You can find the setting under advanced settings of the slide options – same page where you change transition effect and slide duration.

How can I prevent player moving to next slide when user is filling out a web form?

By default the player will show the slide for a given time specified by you and then move to the next slide. If you have a web form you expect users to fill out, you can’t know how long it will take for them to fill out. You can’t also specify a very long slide duration as you want the kiosk to reset back to first starting slide if the user leaves the kiosk. To get around the problem, we’ve introduced an option in the advanced section of the playlist settings (where you can re-name the playlist). Interaction delay option pushes the next slide playback forward for a given amount of seconds each time user interacts with the kiosk (mouse move, touch action, keyboard key press). For an example by setting the interaction delay to 30 seconds, the player will postpone playing the next slide by 30 seconds each time user interacts with the kiosk. If there hasn’t been any activity for 30 seconds, the player will start playing the next slide.

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