How does Google Maps in Digital Signage work?

Google Maps in Digital Signage is great if you need to display a location in your content, could be your corporate address, you can do this using our Website plugin. The Website plugin works with anything that can be embedded online.

You can embed the map into your Play Digital Signage content the same way you embed a website: with help of a Website Plugin. See the illustration below:

Embedding Google Maps
Make sure to only copy the quoted URL inside src attribute and paste it into the website URL field in the editor. If you copy the entire HTML code, it will have a fixed width and height as defined in the code.

More Google Apps: Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Slides


How do I embed live traffic?

If you wish to display live traffic, we recommend using Waze live map as it integrates better than Google’s live map.

  1. Navigate to and move to the map area you want to display
  2. Click the “share” button at the bottom right
  3. Select the “Embed a map” tab
  4. Copy only the address inside “src” property (as you would in the Google Maps example above)