Slide Element AnimationSlide Element animations

With element animations you can add entrance and exit animation to individual elements in the slide. You can animate images, text, shapes and some plugins like weather and clock.

Element animations


  • Animation – Choose animation type for element entrance (slide in left, zoom out, etc…)
  • Easing – Choose animation easing (accelerating, decelerating, etc…)
  • Start and duration – Use sliders to configure animation start delay and duration. Start animation timings are relative to slide start (for an example: start 3 seconds after slide starts), but exit animations are relative to slide’s ending (f.x: start 3 seconds before slide finishes)


Animations are slow and lagging

Animating elements requires rendering the canvas 24 times per second, as opposed to just 1 time per slide. The specifics come down to your player’s hardware acceleration support, but there’s still few things you can do to improve the playback. In general sliding animations (slide in left/right/top/bottom) require more resources than zooming, spinning and fading animations. Therefore try experimenting with different animations and also increasing the animation duration will give the player more time to play the animation, thus make it smoother. Since the device needs to render entire canvas for each frame of the animations, other items in the slide can also contribute to the slowness. If possible, try keeping the item count and complexity low, so player has easier time rendering other elements on the slide.

If your animations are still sluggish, then you can also consider creating the slides with animations in an external software and export it as a movie file. For an example, keynote on OSX supports exporting a presentation with animations as a video file.

If none of the tips work, and animations are a must for you, then you should look into upgrading to a mid-tier player device.

Animations start slowing down after a while

Computers will slow themselves down when they get hot in order not to overheat, therefore if you see the animation performance degrade, make sure that your device does not overheat!

Exit animation options are not visible

If your slide is set to ‘Play forever’, then you can only set entrance animation effects as the slide will never end and exit.