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We offer several ways for you to log in to your playsignage.com. You can use your Facebook, your Google or simply email and password.

Log in at Play Digital Signage

Creating a user

If you haven’t yet created an account with us you can do so by going to https://login.playsignage.com and clicking LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK, LOG IN WITH GOOGLE or click Register Now! in the lower left corner. If you click Register Now! you are going to create an account using email and password.

When your log in has been created, you’ll need to verify your e-mail address before you access your account. If you can’t find the verification e-mail in your inbox, please check your unwanted, spam, ads and similar folders.





Two-Factor Authentication

Our Two-Factor authentication can work with Google AuthenticatorAuthyDuo and other similar One Time Password (OTP) apps – it’s up to you to pick one that suits you the best.

Log in to playsignage.com with Google Authenticator  Log in to playsignage.com with Duo  Log in to playsignage.com with Authy

To add Two-Factor authentication you need to be logged in to your account.

Profile menu for users

In the lower left corner, click your profile name and then Profile

Enable 2FA on playsignage.com

Then, before moving forward, download one of the two-factor apps on your smartphone. Once downloaded click Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Enable 2FA on playsignage.com by scanning QR code

Using the app you just downloaded, scan the displayed QR code, this will create the code you need. Insert the code, click Submit and you’re good to go.

Having done this, the system will ask for a code every time you log in, no matter if you’re using Facebook, Google or email and password.

Disable Two-Factor Authentication

To disable Two-Factor authentication you need to be logged in to your account. Same procedure as when enabling.

Disable 2FA



I don’t remember if I created a log in using a social account?

If you created your account using your Facebook account you should keep on using this, but in case you’ve forgotten and you create a new log in using for example username and password we link both logins to the same account. This way it does not matter if you log in using Facebook or username and password, cause it’s one and same account you’re accessing.

If you can’t log in please use the “Forgot password”. If you have questions contact us via our Live Chat or at [email protected]

How to sign in if I lost my Two-Factor Authentication device?

If you have lost the device on which you had your authenticator app, and you cannot recover the authentication profiles, please write to [email protected] .

How do you know that my password is compromised?

Upon every successful login, we use k-anonymity protocol to securely check your password against online database of compromised passwords – Pwned Passwords . Our system will notify you if your password has been a part of one or more data breaches in the past and ask you to change it to keep your account secure.

IMPORTANT: all the passwords in our database are encrypted (hashed) using top of the line Argon2 algorithm and nobody but you knows what your actual password is.