​What is Giphy?

GIPHY is the platform making everyday conversations more entertaining.

GIPHY is not just GIFs… it’s Stickers, Arcade, Video, and much more. Every day, GIPHY is serving 10+ billion pieces of GIPHY content to a daily user reach of 700+ million people.

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  • Types – Choose between transparent stickers or regular GIFs
  • Resize – Change element size
  • Opacity –Change element transparency


Why can’t I add content on top of a Giphy element?

To be able to render stickers and GIFs we need to treat them as top layer elements in your content. That means the stickers and GIFs will always be on top of all other content.

What happens if I have multiple layers of stickers or GIFs?

You can add stickers on stickers and GIFs on GIFs, but because the stickers and GIFs are top layer elements you can’t control witch one of them are on top of the other.