What can it do?

Display Instagram posts and their captions using the Instagram Photo Grid plugin for digital signage. In addition, we also offer Instagram #

Watch the demo in our preview player.


  • Page – The Instagram account must be an “Instagram Business” account and linked to a Facebook page. If your page is not in the drop-down or you can’t select it, see the FAQ section on how to fix this.
  • Show likes – This shows the number of likes in the photo caption area.
  • Show comment count – This shows the number of comments in the photo caption area.
  • Show time ago – This shows how long ago the photo was posted in the caption area.
  • Columns – Defines how many photo columns are in the plugin.
  • Font zoom – Depending on how big is the plugin area and what kind of font you use, you might want to increase or decrease the font size.
  • Caption lines – If the photo caption text is very long, it may not fit entirely. This option defines the maximum lines of the caption that is shown, if the caption is longer, then it’s truncated (trimmed) with an ellipsis (…). If you don’t want to show a caption at all, just set the value to 0.
  • Caption background – The background color for the caption area. We recommend using color with transparency for a nicer look – the default is a white color with an alpha (transparency) of 0.5.
  • Border width – Adds a border around each individual photo in the grid. We suggest choosing either black or white.
  • Update interval – How often the photos in the grid are updated.
  • Locale – If ‘Show time ago’ is enabled, you can localize the text – such as “10 minutes ago“.


I don’t see any pages in the drop-down? Link

Instagram restricts access and it’s only possible to display a photo grid for Instagram pages that you are an administrator of. If you don’t have an administrator role, the first step is to ask the page owner on Facebook (Instagram is owned by Facebook) to grant you the administrator role.

This page shows how to manage page roles on Facebook.

After you’ve received the administrator role for the Facebook page, the page needs to be linked to the Instagram account. This process is explained in the answer below.

I can’t select the page? Link

Facebook (Instagram is owned by Facebook) has tightened the access to user data for 3rd party plugins. If you can see the page, but can not select it, that means that the page is not linked to an Instagram account.
What needs to be done:

  1. You need to convert your Instagram account to Instagram Business account
  2. You need to link the Instagram account to a Facebook page

Unfortunately, both of the steps are required and they assume the ownership/administration role of the Instagram account and Facebook page. Without either of them, it’s not possible for our plugin to fetch data from Instagram.

How many photos are loaded?

The plugin loads 25 most recent photos from Instagram

Are videos supported?

Posts containing videos are not supported, they are skipped.