Digital Signage Players

PlaySignage application can be installed on most player device operating systems. We will always do our best to support as many players as possible. Here are some Digital Signage Players that we have tried and approved.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Affordable and very easy to get up an running, the Fire TV Stick is great with images, video and most of our plugins. If the stick does not ship to your country, look for “Fire TV Stick Basic Edition”

2nd generation FireTV stick works with Play Digital Signage

Amazon Fire TV

Fire TV Stick’s big brother offers a powerful GPU. Works great with images, video, animations and most of our plugins.

A more powerful alternative to FireTV stick - Amazon Fire TV


At around 40$, MXQ Pro is a great choice for an entry-level android player. For a low-end device, it can handle transitions and certain element animations surprisingly well, but not perfect. Despite the 4K promise, the device can’t scale higher than 720p in all apps we’ve tested.
Be sure to also take a look at MXQ Pro+ that comes with 2GB RAM

MXQ Pro is an android-based media player that can be used for digital signage

Mi Box

Mi Box by Xiaomi is an interesting choice as it’s actually running AndroidTV, a branch of Android customized for TVs. Mi Box has a sleek design and comes with a comfortable remote. It’s certainly not as capable as MXQ pro, but can be still considered a considerable alternative to Amazon devices.

Mi Box by Xiaomi is powered by AndroidTV OS
Asus Chromebox can be made into powerful digital signage player with PlaySignage
Chromebit is small but powerful device that runs ChromeOS
Chromebase is excellent when designing signage ads with touch interactions


Chromebox from Asus is a very powerful player supporting images, video, animations, zones and all of our plugins – It simply does it all very great!


It’s small but powerful. Works great with images, video, some animations and most of our plugins.


All in one very powerful touchscreen, ideal for interactive presentations. Works great with images, video, animations, zones and all of our great plugins.

Intel Compute Stick

A small computer at the size of a lighter running both Windows and Linux. The stick works great with images, video and most of our plugins.

Intel Compute stick is an excellent low-end Digital Signage Player

Intel NUC

The NUC is amazing, it’s powerful, supports 4K and works very well with images, videos, animations, zones, and all our great plugins. It’s a bit pricey but well worth for high-end digital signage.

Intel NUC is one of our favorite high-end digital signage players

Chromebox Commercial

A commercial grade player with onboard Chrome OS, working great with images, video, animations, zones and all of our great plugins. Stronger than it’s little brother Chromebox Mini.

Chromebox Commercial from Play Digital Signage friends at AOPEN is a high-end player device

Chromebox Mini

Not as powerful as the Chromebox Commercial, but it’s great for images, video and most of our plugins.

Chromebox Mini is another offering by AOPEN
Apple Mac Mini is a more expensive than most digital signage players but it makes up for it with superior quality

Apple Mac Mini

It’s higher priced than most players, but the Mac Mini will pull off anything you ask of it. The Mac Mini supports images, video, animations, zones, all of our plugins and any third party HTML plugins you can find.

Play Digital Signage supports Android tablets

Android Tablet

A great all-in-one Android player. Depending on the model and the size it will support most digital signage content.

Raspberry Pi is a good digital signage player for displaying low complexity content

Raspberry PI

Great player for Open Source enthusiasts. You don’t need to be a Linux wizard to set it up, just download & install our pre-made image!

There are many Android boxes to choose from and they can be used as Digital Signage Players

Android Box

Like the Android tablets the Android Box is available from several brands in many configurations. Depending on the model you’ll have a box supporting almost anything for your Digital Signage solution.

Use Play Digital Signage anywhere.

Our player is compatible with all major operating systems. No matter what hardware you choose, you’ll be able to use our software.

Amazon FireOS
Raspberry PI

Not sure which player to get?

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