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Sony Bravia

A Professional Grade, Smart TV for Digital Signage

The Sony BRAVIA BZ40H is a sleek and energy-efficient Smart TV designed for professional use. With its vibrant 4K HDR image quality, seamless operation, versatile networking/control features, and extensive integration options, the BRAVIA BZ40H is tailored for top-notch digital signage. This smartTV stands out from the crowd, delivering exceptional digital signage performance that outshines other brands and models.

Sony Bravia Smart TV
Sony Bravia Smart TV for Digital Signage
Sony Bravia Digital Signage

Sony Bravia for Digital Signage

The Sony BRAVIA BZ40H is a cutting-edge choice for professional digital signage. This slim and energy-efficient smart TV has vibrant 4K HDR image quality, smooth operation, and extensive integration options. It handled most of the tests we threw at it, only faltering somewhat with element animations, advanced playlists, and multiple zones. Overall, the Sony Bravia lineup is an excellent option for a combination digital signage hardware solution.

Simple Playlists

The Sony BRAVIA breezes through simple digital signage playlists like those with basic text, images, and graphics. But, when you throw in fancy moves like intricate animation and tons of simultaneous video content, it does begin to struggle. If you’re keeping it easy to moderate, the Sony BRAVIA line is a go-to.


Operating SystemAndroid
Memory (Ram)4GB
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Price$300 +


The Sony BRAVIA offers the best of both worlds with ethernet and WiFi connectivity. This dual connectivity is like having options at a buffet – you can go for the reliable, sturdy ethernet when you need that solid connection, or you can dance freely with WiFi when flexibility is the name of the game. It's the connectivity combo that ensures your digital signage stays seamlessly connected, delivering content without missing a beat.


Slide Transitions
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Element Animations
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Ticker Support
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Script Injection
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Screen Capture
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Touch Support
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HD Video
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4K Video
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Playlist Simple
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Playlist Advance
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Playlist in Playlist
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HD & 4K Display

The Sony BRAVIA displays 4K and HD video with ease. In the world of digital signage, where every pixel counts, this smart TV is your VIP pass to making a jaw-dropping impact. So, whether you're showcasing product demos or announcing a new sale, the BRAVIA ensures your videos are the stars of the show, stealing the spotlight every time.

Sony Bravia

Energy Consumption

The Sony BRAVIA BZ40H series is built for non-stop action in 24/7 operations with top-notch performance and energy efficiency. For consumer usage without the need for continuous play, check out the Sony BRAVIA X80K Series. While the X80K isn't rated for 24/7 playtime, it's a budget-friendly choice for displays not in constant operation. Whether it's the marathon-ready BZ40H or the cost-effective X80K, Sony BRAVIA has a solid offering for various digital signage setups.


The Sony BRAVIA isn't just a screen; it's your all-in-one digital signage solution, doing double duty as both the screen and the media player. There’s no need for a separate media player or a separate screen, it's got everything packed in one sleek package. This dual role not only simplifies your setup but also means fewer wires and gadgets cluttering your space.

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