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Samsung Tizen QMC Series

Empower Your Signage with Samsung Tizen QMC

Experience next-level digital signage with the Samsung Tizen QMC Smart TV. Its cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface offer seamless content management, stunning visuals, and versatile display options, making it the ideal choice for captivating audiences in any environment.

Samsung Tizen QMC Smart TV
Samsung QMC series
Samsung QMC Series with Tizen SSSP

Samsung Tizen Smart TV QMC Series

Maximize your business potential with Samsung Tizen QMC Series Smart TV for digital signage at Play Digital Signage. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, these displays offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to create dynamic and engaging content that captures your audience's attention. Seamlessly manage your signage from anywhere with Play Digital Signage's platform, ensuring hassle-free content updates and scheduling. Enhance customer experiences, boost brand visibility, and drive sales with the powerful combination of Samsung Tizen QMC Series Smart TV and Play Digital Signage.

Simple & Advanced Playlist

The Samsung Tizen QMC Smart TV offers exceptional versatility for digital signage, effortlessly managing a wide range of content types. While it excels in handling slide transitions, images, videos, and tickers with ease, it may encounter challenges with element animations and overlapping videos. Nevertheless, its superior performance surpasses many competitors, making it an ideal choice for diverse digital signage setups.


Operating SystemTizen
Memory (Ram)16 GB
Storage16 GB
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Price$300 +


The Samsung Tizen QMC Smart TV guarantees seamless connectivity with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities. Whether you opt for the flexibility of wireless connections or the stability of a wired setup, these smart TVs cater to your needs. This dual capability enhances the adaptability of Samsung Tizen QMC, ensuring a reliable and efficient network connection for a hassle-free digital signage experience.


Slide Transitions
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Element Animations
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Ticker Support
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Script Injection
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Screen Capture
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Touch Support
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HD Video
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4K Video
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Playlist Simple
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Playlist Advance
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Playlist in Playlist
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4K and HD Video

The Samsung Tizen QMC Series Smart TV effortlessly handles 4K and HD video playback, ensuring crystal-clear images that captivate your audience. This feature enhances the overall viewing experience, making Samsung Tizen an excellent choice for businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression with their digital signage content. However, it's crucial to note that optimal performance is achieved when videos on the same slide are not overlapped.

Samsung Digital Signage

Smart TV all-in-one

Samsung Tizen stands out for digital signage e, offering more performance capabilities than most Smart TVs in its class. Powered by Tizen, the latest SSSP generation elevates the multimedia and hardware management experience through cloud technology. With no need for additional hardware, Samsung Tizen provides businesses with a robust, efficient, and high-performing two-in-one solution that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional Smart TVs.

Supported Models

Our Tizen app will run on SSSP 6 or newer compatible devices

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