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Insignia NS-Series Smart TV

An Affordable, Capable Smart TV for Digital Signage

The Insignia NS-Series Smart TV features built-in FireOS as a combination digital signage screen and media player. Packed with 4K brilliance, UHD clarity, and the moderate power of FireOS, this smart TV is an affordable, yet capable choice for digital signage.

Insignia NS Series FireTV for digital signage
Insignia NS Series FireTV SmartTV
Insignia NS Series FireTV SmartTV for digital signage

Insignia NS-Series smart TV for Digital Signage

The Insignia NS-Series for digital signage is an all-around good pick for a smart TV solution. The Insignia SmartTV features built-in FireOS – the same OS found on an Amazon FireTV Stick. It performs like a champ in the digital signage arena, giving pricier options a run for their money. It's a budget-friendly alternative compared to other 55" TVs in the market. The Insignia NS-Series TV effortlessly handles simple playlists, animations, transitions, tickers, and videos, though zones and advanced playlists exceeded the limits.

Simple Playlists

The Insignia SmartTV handles simple playlists with ease, smoothly showcasing content like images, text, and basic videos. However, when it comes to the intricacies of advanced playlists, including complex animations and multi-zone setups, it didn’t pass the test. If you're in the market for hassle-free signage with crisp visuals and minimal frills, the Insignia SmartTV fits the bill.


Operating SystemAmazon
Memory (Ram)3GB
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Price$300 +


The Insignia NS-Series has a good range of connectivity options with lends itself well to flexibility. It has 3 HDMI ports, composite (AV) jacks, digital optical output, a USB port, a headphone jack, a coaxial jack, WiFi capability, and an ethernet port which ensures seamless integration into various digital signage setups. This connectivity makes the Insignia SmartTV a reliable and adaptable choice, providing businesses with the flexibility to craft engaging displays tailored to their unique requirements.


Slide Transitions
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Element Animations
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Ticker Support
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Script Injection
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Screen Capture
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Touch Support
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HD Video
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4K Video
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Playlist Simple
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Playlist Advance
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Playlist in Playlist
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HD & 4K Display

Description: The Insignia NS-Series is excellent with 4K and HD video. The smooth playback of high-res videos takes your digital signage game to the next level, ensuring every detail shines bright. Whether you're wowing with crisp images or diving into intricate details, Insignia SmartTV's 4K and HD features are a game-changer for creating displays that stick with your audience.

Insignia NS Series FireTV


In the world of digital signage, zones refer to divided areas on a display screen where different content can be showcased simultaneously, allowing for dynamic and versatile presentations. However, it's important to note that the Insignia SmartTV, while excelling in various aspects of digital signage, does not support the use of zones. In our testing, it only somewhat was able to handle one zone and multiple zones are completely off the table with this one.


The Insignia SmartTV is a dynamic duo, seamlessly serving as both a digital signage screen and a built-in media player. This dual functionality is convenient for digital signage setups as it eliminates the need for an external media player or separate screen. With the Insignia SmartTV, you enjoy a streamlined and simplified configuration – one less device to worry about, fewer cables cluttering your space, and a more straightforward setup process. It's an all-in-one solution that makes deploying and managing digital signage a breeze.

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