Author Lars
Published on February 28, 2023

Digital Signage Trends of 2023

In the next decade, the digital signage industry is expected to grow at a rate of just under 8% each year. This means we will continue to see the switch from traditional signage to digital signage in every sector of the market from retail stores and restaurants to logistics operations and hospitality. 

Digital Signage Trends of 2023

As digital signage continues to become more prevalent, digital signage content will continue to shift alongside its growth to keep up with consumer buying habits and company cultures. Now that we have entered 2023, here are 7 digital signage trends that your consumers will expect this year. 

Digital Signage Trends To Watch in 2023

Data-Driven Content

Data is the king of doing business these days and digital signage can’t be left out of the party. We are already starting to see data-driven digital signage content, but in 2023, it will be the standard. 

So what is data-driven digital signage content? Well, it depends on your industry, though one of the easiest and most simple examples is content curated based on your audience demographics. Other data sources include displaying content based on websites, live weather, RSS feeds, and social media pages

Attention to Security

When it comes to anything digital, security has to be top of mind, so of course, with digital signage security is always something that continues to improve. 

For 2023, we will see an increased focus on digital signage security with companies choosing cloud-based digital signage solutions with two-factor authentication, penetration testing, and password database monitoring. After all, you don’t want just anyone to be able to access your digital signage system to display unapproved content. 

Multiple Interactive Elements

As consumers become more accustomed to seeing digital screens everywhere and all of the time, it is harder to keep their attention for long periods of time. This is why there will be a shift to include multiple interactive elements within digital signage. 

Expect to see interactive elements such as touchscreens, QR codes, and plugins that connect to consumer smartphones like one that allows them to vote for their favorite new menu item or answer trivia questions while they wait!

Social Media Bigger Than Ever

Social media is already a must for any company no matter the size as community engagement is happening mostly online. Bringing social media into digital signage content will be wildly popular in 2023. 

From re-purposing social media content to connecting the social media world to in-person stores, social media will play a bigger role than ever in digital signage. 

Video, 3D Images, & Animations

Similarly to an increase in interactive elements, 2023 will be a big shift towards more video, 3D images, and animations in digital signage content. These content elements are dynamic, attract attention, and promote engagement with your digital signage. Simple text digital signage content is staying in 2022 and video, 3D graphics, and animations are the new standard. 

A Focus on Accessibility

Accessibility has unfortunately been a slow-growing movement in public spaces and in company culture. However, everyone is beginning to make a conscious effort in various aspects of the business including digital signage. 

From adding voiceovers and high contrast design to digital signage content to aid those who are visually impaired to subtitles on digital signage videos for the hearing impaired, there are a lot of options when it comes to accessible digital signage. Even placing screens lower to accommodate friends who utilize wheelchairs is another accessible idea. 

Generationally-Geared Content

As we have seen trending on social media, generationally-geared content will be popping up in the digital signage world, too. Though this type of content actually just relates back to creating content your audience enjoys based on their demographics, generationally-geared content is about attracting a new audience that your company may not currently cater to. 

So for instance, an insurance company that has an older demographic could use digital signage content using Generation ‘Z’ language to make their company more attractive to that demographic. You see this quite often in social media, but in 2023, generationally-geared content will be on the rise for digital signage, too. 

Play Digital Signage Helps You Keep Up With The Trends

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Integrate All Of Your Data

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Security is a Priority

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Wide Compatibility

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Try Utilizing These Digital Signage Trends in 2023

Make your digital signage do the work for you. Implement these 2023 digital signage trends and watch your engagement, sales, and efficiency rise. Need more digital signage content ideas? Check out the rest of our blog here!