Author Lars
Published on October 24, 2021

Free digital signage and our free trial screens

As a consumer, it is always helpful to be able to try things before you commit to buying them. With digital signage, many companies offer a limited-time free trial that automatically begins after your trial period, or sometimes they will limit the features you can use while on a trial. At Play Digital Signage, we have always offered one free screen with full-featured capabilities for as long as you desired. And now – we’re offering up to 10 trial screens so you can see what our digital signage software can do for your business.

Free digital signage and trial screens for Digital Signage

However, our customers have given us some useful feedback on alterations to the program that they would like to see. We have listened to and participated in the conversation, and are now excited to announce changes to our free trial screens! Let’s talk about what’s changed with our trial program and how it will benefit your business. 

No more free digital signage

The biggest change that has been made regarding our free trial screen is that we are now offering 10 trial screens for free. When listening to customer feedback, the most common complaint was that one screen wasn’t sufficient enough to test out many of the set-ups that are possible with digital signage. 

10 Trial Screens vs. One

Digital signage content can be displayed across multiple screens to make it bigger without a bigger screen or the same content can be displayed on multiple screens in different locations. Additionally, different content can be displayed on various screens across several individual locations. 

Because these setups are far more common than utilizing only one screen, our one free screen wasn’t as useful for many businesses to see the wide benefits of digital signage. This is why we are now offering 10 trial screens. Now, with 10 trial screens, you can set up the digital signage in the way it is most useful for your business before making a financial commitment. 

The other change we have made is that there will now be a watermark on each of the trial screens until they are updated to production. Previously because it was only one screen, we did not include a watermark, but to offer multiple screens, it’s a necessary addition. However, we have ensured that it will not interfere with the content design process so that you are fully able to see the vast capabilities of our built-in content editor.  

Benefits of 10 Trial Screens instead of free digital signage

With the increase in the number to 10 trial screens, the benefits to you have increased as well.

No Credit Card Required

Just as before, we won’t ask for any credit card information before you’re ready to remove the watermark and put your screens into production. We don’t even ask for credit card information at sign-up because we want you to be able to see everything Play Digital Signage can do without the pressure of releasing your private information to do so. 

View Multi-Screen Uses

The biggest benefit we have added with ten trial screens is the ability to view multi-screen uses without payment. This way you can set up a screen in every location you want or create a large viewing area using multiple screens in one location. This helps you to see how all of your screens will look in your space before the financial commitment. See how different setups look and pick your favorite. 

Design Your Content Before Paying

We have always offered the full capabilities of Play Digital Signage for free, but now you can design all of your content for all of your screens up to ten before paying for anything. With 10 trial screens, you can have all of your content ready to go how you like it. 

Unlimited Time to Explore Features

Especially when designing your own content, it can take a good chunk of time. Since most digital signage companies, including us here at Play Digital Signage, charge monthly, you can rack up a lot of money spent on the time you were only in the content creation stage rather than only paying for your screen to be live. That is why we have continued to not charge until you are fully ready to go live. We want you to have all the time you need to explore the long list of Play Digital Signage features and utilize them to their full potential in your digital signage content. With no time limit, you can take your time to get your content perfect before beginning monthly payments. 

Get Your 10 Trial Screens Free From Play Digital Signage

Ready to try out your 10 trial screens for free? Sign up is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you sign up, you’ll see the power of our built-in content editor, be able to utilize our stellar customer support, and see how much digital signage can improve your business operations. 

  1. First, enter some basic information at Again, we won’t ask for any billing or credit card information until you are ready. 
  2. Choose your screens. Play Digital Signage is compatible with any size screen so the choice is up to you. Mix and match small and large or pick one size that works for you. The choice is yours!
  3. Pick your player. There are a lot of players on the market, but we have ensured that Play Digital Signage works effectively with the majority of them so you don’t have to purchase any special hardware. Check out our list of the best players at three different price points here

Once you have completed these three steps, you are ready to design your content and try our digital signage system for free! Add up to 10 screens and see what Play Digital Signage software can do for your business with no credit card required!