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Interactive Digital Signage Helps Your Customers Engage With The Content They Want

Blogpost was published on October 25, 2021

The world of interactive digital signage has taken customer engagement to the next level. Traditional printed signs have limitations on the types of content they can display, how quickly they can be updated, and are not interactive with the customer at all besides catchy tag lines.

Digital signage has allowed businesses to include more engaging content like videos, make quick updates, and best of all, fully interact with customers through touch. Digital signage allows your customers to engage with the content they are interested in leading to increased effectiveness.

Let’s talk about what digital signage consists of, the multitude of benefits, and some interactive content ideas you can implement in your business.

Touch displays for Digital Signage

What is Interactive Digital Signage?

Interactive digital signage is content displayed on a touchscreen that can be manipulated by the viewer. The most common implementation of interactive digital signage is with content on a tablet. To have interactive digital signage versus just a display, there are three components.

You must first have digital signage software that is compatible with touch and interactive content such as Play Digital Signage. Secondly, you will have to choose a screen that is enabled for touch. Some LED screens support touch, but tablets are a go-to option for those that want to bring digital signage to the customer versus the other way around.

The final piece is a player to connect the software to the touchscreen. However, it is important to note that tablets already have a player built-in which is one thing less to worry about.

Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage

Though digital signage, in general, has several great benefits of its own, digital signage takes the benefits one step further.

Enhances Engagement

Customer engagement helps them recognize and remember your brand. Interactivity enhances engagement. Customers are more likely to engage with your digital signage if they can touch it can see the exact content that they are interested in rather than just look at the signage.

Build Loyalty

When you enable customers to view and interact with the content they are interested in, it builds loyalty to your brand. Customers see that you invest time and energy into doing things that help them relate to your business and therefore feel a sense of loyalty to your business. The best part? Loyalty increases return customer sales!

Implement New Types of Content

Interactive digital signage content allows you to implement new types of content. Interactive digital signage allows for more content like plugins, websites, apps, and more. Create an entire check-in page for hotel lobbies and gather essential information or add styling simulations to help in retail stores. The content is almost endless with interactive digital signage.

Expanded Customization

With interactive digital signage, because you can implement a variety of content, you can expand on the already extensive customization options. From customizing the buttons they can click to adding personalized forms, digital signage takes content and hardware customization to the next level.

Stay Top of Mind

Because interactive digital signage enhances engagement, as mentioned above, your content is much more likely to be remembered by customers. Digital signage already is much more memorable than traditional signage, but when you make it interactive, customers who participate will almost always remember the interaction, which keeps your business top of mind.

Interactive Digital Signage Content Ideas

We have already discussed that digital signage opens the possibilities for various content ideas and have sprinkled in a few ideas, but let’s set a picture in more detail.


In large retail spaces, customers don’t always know where the things they are looking for are. They may ask an employee, but with a large space, there isn’t always someone nearby. Wayfinders are a great digital signage content idea for this problem. Use a touchscreen so that customers can look up what aisle they need or explore everything your store has to offer. Wayfinders also work well in malls to list all of the stores but are much more useful if they are interactive.

Demonstration Videos

Do you have products or services that need a bit of an explanation to help customers see their use and value? Demonstration videos can go a long way to help sell them. Though you could just upload and play a demonstration video on a loop on your digital signage, making demonstrations videos interactive can be more helpful for the customer. Allow them to choose which product or service they would like to see and allow them to rewind it and pause where they need to. This way customers can tailor their experience to what they would like to know before buying.

Interactive digital signage for your online shoppers

If you have a small storefront and cannot hold all of your available inventory, use digital signage to allow customers to shop on your online store to get anything they can’t find. This is a great option for extended sizing in clothing stores, products that come in multiple sizing and colors, or even for custom products.


With interactive digital signage, you could create content that allows for customers to be able to see what different clothing items would look like together or what that piece of furniture would look like in a home. This interactive content prevents the customer from having to imagine things because you can just show them!


Does the line get long at your coffee shop or similar business? Use digital signage to allow customers to order without waiting in line for a cashier. You could also even implement a self-checkout by integrating your system into your digital signage.

Rewards Programs

Add your rewards programs to interactive digital signage so that customers can easily enter their information and join or earn points! You can also collect information to build email lists for specials and more.


If your business needs information from your customers before they can participate such as a hotel or even an activity that requires a consent form, utilize digital signage to collect this and speed up the process. Your customers will thank you!

Play Digital Signage Supports Interactive Content

Of course, to implement interactive content in your digital signage, you’ll need a digital signage company that supports it. Play Digital Signage not only is compatible but also provides a few other things you’ll want when diving into interactive content.


Play Digital Signage works with any size screen including touchscreens and tablets. Additionally, with the wide variety of player compatibility, you’ll find one that works with any setup.


Plugins are essential when it comes to interactive content and since Play Digital Signage supports HTML 5, you can integrate far more different kinds of plugins and customize them to your heart’s content.

Help Section

When it comes to anything digital, there can be a learning curve, especially if you are a small business owner doing it all yourself. Here at Play Digital Signage, we provide an extensive help section, a helpful YouTube channelYoutube icon:icon features a black play button triangle inside a white rounded rectangle, live 24/7 customer support, and even live demonstrations to ensure you are never alone throughout the entire process.

Cloud-based interactive digital signage

Play Digital Signage is cloud-based with a full-featured built-in content editor. This means that with Play Digital Signage you can manage, edit, and update your digital signage from anywhere at any time. You can also create all of your interactive content directly in the software so you don’t have to use a separate program or continually upload things.

Play Digital Signage App

Our Play Digital Signage app makes things even easier when it comes to compatibility as you can use tablets and simply download the app to skip using a player. This makes your digital signage completely portable!

Get Started with Play Digital Signage

As you can see, Play Digital Signage makes implementing digital signage to engage with your customers simple! Get started with Play Digital Signage in three easy steps and try out ten screens free for as long as you would like. We won’t collect any billing or credit card information until you are ready to go live. It really is risk-free!

  • Sign up at
  • Choose your screens.
  • Pick a player, if needed. Remember that some screens will have one built-in. For a list of different players at various price points, check out our research here.

Once you have done these three steps, you are ready to create your interactive digital signage content. Try implementing some of the ideas we have talked about here to help your customers engage with the content they want.

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