Setup your Google Chromecast

At the Welcome screen (The first time the media player is connected) you pick your country. You can install our APP by finding it on the Google Play store either on the device or pushing the app from your laptop’s web browser.


Installing the APP on the device

Watch the video to see how to install our APP on Chromecast directly.

Installing the APP via a web browser

Alternatively, you can also push the APP to your Chromecast remotely from your laptop. You need to be signed in to the same Google account on both your Chromecast and laptop.

After setting up the media player, open our APP install page in your laptop browser. You’ll notice a small green button on the right that says Install, click that, pick your Google Chromecast on the list of devices and click Install.

Setup Google Chromecast with Google TV Setup Google Chromecast

Depending on Google, WIFI, and the media player itself you should be able to find our app, on the media player, after a couple of minutes.

Disable energy saver

Make sure that the energy saver is disabled so that your device won’t turn off the TV.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Select Energy Saver
  4. Make sure it’s set to Disabled

Display Over Other apps

Before starting our APP, newer Android devices (Android 10 and onwards) require additional permissions to be explicitly granted in order for the autostart to work.

Please note, some Google Chromecast with Google TV (Depending on versions) will not allow our app to auto-launch. 

  1. Navigate to settings in top-right
  2. Navigate to apps
  3. Select “Special app access”
  4. Select “Display over other apps”
  5. Grant the permission to “Play Digital Signage” app

Watch the video to see where to find this permission.

Start the APP

As with most media players, the first time you open our app you need to grant access to files and device locations before you can link it to your account.

Linking a Google Chromecast to your account is easy – Go to your account and enter the 6 digit code you see on the TV, that’s all you need to do.

We hope you enjoy your Google Chromecast with Google TV.


Auto Start for Google ChromecastDue to security measures from Google, our APP can not auto-launch on its own. To make sure our APP launches automatically you’ll need to install an additional APP. We recommend Auto Start from Alpha Productivity Apps.


How do I set up the display in portrait mode?

See the Android section of our portrait guide.

The plugins don’t work

If one or more plugin doesn’t work on your Android, it’s possible that the PlaySignage app on your player device is out of date. Click here to learn more.

How do I access OPTIONS if I disabled the top menu bar?

In the APP options, you can hide the top menu bar if you for example are running a touch screen. To access the top menu bar, when hidden, you can use CTRL + O for options or CTRL + Q to close the APP.