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Digital Signage Industries: The Present and The Future 

Blogpost was published on March 22, 2021

The current global digital signage market is just over a 16 billion dollar industry. Growing every year, the digital signage industry is expected to be over a 31 billion dollar industry by 2025. The growth is likely due to the impact that digital signage has on its viewers. According to, 47% of Americans recall seeing a specific ad or message on digital signage in the past week. 80% of shoppers have entered a store because a digital sign has caught their interest. 55% recall seeing a specific message on an outdoor digital billboard.

The bottom line is that digital signage is reaching more customers than traditional signage is.

That is because, as humans, we are visual creatures. 90% of the brain’s information is graphic and visual data is processed by the brain 60,000x faster than text. Even after three days, people can retain 65% of visually presented information than under 20% of written or spoken communication.

The digital signage industry reaches the viewer better because it is visually based and can be retained and benefits those industries that use it.

Explore the evolution of Digital Signage Industries – Unveiling the present trends and envisioning the future landscape. Embrace innovation in visual communication

Who Benefits the Most From Digital Signage?

Both consumers and businesses benefit from digital signage. Consumers get provided with information and interaction that they can remember, while companies get affordable, sleek, and modern advertising that works.

Small businesses get extra benefits from digital signage as it allows them to keep up with the large companies that have large budgets. The same fantastic content can be produced by a small business with a minimal budget as a large-scale company with significant funds.

Though digital signage started in the retail space, because digital signage is so versatile, any industry can benefit from it. There’s large-scale digital signage and small interactive digital signage, collaborative workspace signage, and practical digital signage like menu boards. Since there is so much versatility, you could find several ways to use digital signage in every industry.

Are There Any Industries That Don’t Use Digital Signage?

Though there are not many industries that don’t use digital signage, some industries use less digital signage than others, such as the corporate world, healthcare, education, and transportation. This is likely due to budget allocation.


In the corporate world offices, everything is done traditionally through email, reports, and meetings while allocating the budget to payroll and company growth.


In healthcare, aside from electronic health records, everything else is pretty much still done on paper. Patient information is always given in brochures and posters, whereas their budget is also allocated differently. Additionally, in healthcare, funding can largely depend on tax dollars and government funding, preventing the widespread introduction of digital signage.


Education falls along with the same principles. Though there is some technology in the classroom, funding depends on the government, making budgets limited.


Transportation is mainly government-funded, and the account is primarily allocated to repairs. However, we will likely see the reallocation of funds in these industries to prioritize digital signage.

Industries Adding Digital Signage In The Future

In the future, digital signage will grow in the corporate world, healthcare, and education because as our world converts to be more technology-driven, all industries will end up converting to digital signage. Specifically, collaborative digital signage will increase in the corporate world because collaborative work tends to be more productive. With digital signage’s versatility, it will be more budget-friendly to create these collaborative world spaces with digital signage.

It will become standard to have patient information as interactive tablets in healthcare as we prioritize a patient-centered healthcare model. Additionally, patient tracking and other information will be presented with digital signage to take advantage of the ability to update the information immediately.

Education will move to more digital signage to update information for parents and students easily and quickly. Transportation will also take advantage of digital signage in the future to alert commuters to upcoming obstacles and up-to-date traffic information more than it already has.

In the future, the retail space and outdoor billboard space will continue to grow as the benefits to them overwhelm traditional signage.

Future Technology of Digital Signage

Every year, new technological advancements arise. There are three main parts to a digital signage setup: the screen, the software, and the player. Sometimes the player and the screen are combined into one device, such as with a tablet. With each of these main parts, advancements are being made every year.


Screens are increasing in resolution, now dabbling in 4K and 8K resolutions, allowing the pictures to be clear, crisp, and bright. We are also seeing more video wall solutions as they become more financially affordable. A new screen that is becoming popular is LED pylon screens being placed in front of churches, schools, and corporate offices that display information and inviting graphics.


Players are becoming faster, allowing for more complicated content to be lightning-fast and providing more options to connect to a wide array of screens. Players are also becoming more streamlined and are increasingly Android operating system-based built for both indoor and outdoor use, furthering their versatility.


Digital signage software such as Play Digital Signage is now in the cloud and contains more storage and features. Play Digital Signage even went the extra mile eight years ago and was the first provider to have a content editor built-in. In the future, we could see Play Digital Signage and other digital signage software focus on integration with other systems, increased security, and stability. Stability, usually measured in uptime, or the time the software is live and accessible, will be increased by having servers in multiple parts of the world to make service 24/7.

Though there are several technological advancements that we are likely to see in the future, there are plenty of ways to use Play Digital Signage in several different digital signage industries.

Ways to Use Play Digital Signage in Different Digital Signage Industries

LED Screens

LED screens are a popular choice in several different industries. This is because LED screens have been implemented in various ways. There are large-area LED screens like LED pylons and LED walls in addition to the billboards you see when driving down the highway.

Large-area LED screens are used for informational purposes, store signs, and sometimes just for entertainment.

Billboards are great advertising for all industries. From retail to service-based businesses, digital billboards capture the attention of any customer.

Play Digital Signage fits any size screen so that you can use our software for even the biggest of billboards, LED walls, or LED pylons. Just insert your aspect ratio (the size of the screen), and you’re ready to create content to wow the world.

Menu Boards

Menu boards are great for restaurants, coffee shops, and anywhere that offers a menu of services. The benefit of having your menu board be digital is that you can change it at a moment’s notice. Did you run out of one of your offerings? Don’t disappoint your customers. Just update your menu as it happens. Not to mention, you can add all of the pictures of food that you want. Entice your customers with those mouthwatering pictures.

Interactive Digital Signage

Does your product need a bit of explaining? Do you want to show off the features? That is where interactive digital signage comes in. Interactive digital signage is touch-capable screens that get people to interact with the content. You can use interactive digital signage as wayfinders, registration at reception, general information, provide QR codes, and a place for your customers to search for things such as your website. Play Digital Signage provides the resources to implement your interactive digital signage in any of these ways.

Store Signs

Remember how we talked about how customers see digital signage and are more likely to come into your store? Whether it is big or small, get some digital signage as your store sign and increase your business. Include any font or color to keep it on brand. You can even show your specials for some extra attention.

Digital signage can be used for almost anything. Use it for education, for entertainment, for collaboration, for design. The options are endless.

Book A Demo

Are there projects you want to implement with digital signage, but you are unsure how? Play Digital Signage offers live demonstrations that, along with showing you all of the software’s ins and outs, will also help decide how to best set up your project, including screen and player options. Book a demo to see what Play Digital Signage could do for your industry.

Try Digital Signage In Your Industry

Are you ready to implement digital signage in your industry but don’t know how to start? Get started with Play Digital Signage in three easy steps. You’ll be up and running in no time, showcasing your excellent content, enticing your customers, and increasing sales.

Sign Up

First, head to and click sign up. You’ll be directed to a screen to fill out some basic information, and then you’ll be ready to start designing your content.

Pick a Player

Next, you’ll need a player. The player simply connects the software in the cloud to the screen for your viewers. There are several options out there at different price points depending on what you need. We know the choices can get overwhelming, so we have tested and reviewed an extensive list so you can make the best decision.

Choose Your Screen

Finally, you’ll pick a screen. Screens are typically TVs, and with Play Digital Signage, they can be any size. Whether you need a giant billboard in Times Square or just a small screen for a coffee shop, Play Digital Signage will work with both.

An Interactive Option

Suppose you are looking for an interactive option. Try a tablet with a touchscreen. They are combo devices with both a screen and a player. You’ll simply just have to download the Play Digital Signage app from the app store.

The digital signage industry is expansive, but Play Digital Signage is the best digital software on the market. With all of the advancements coming in the near future, now is the time to try out digital signage in your industry.

And of course, if there is something that you would like to see added to the Play Digital Signage software to meet your specific needs, contact us, and we will be happy to discuss options with you.

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