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Retail Digital Signage To Motivate Shoppers

Blogpost was published on August 13, 2021

Retail Digital Signage offers a way to motivate and entice shoppers in a new way. From clothing stores to stores that sell home products and more, the retail industry encompasses a lot of small businesses and enterprises. In retail, it is all about the customer experience and journey to the sale. Many businesses make the mistake of only focusing on customer service. 

However, in addition to great customer service, you’ll need fantastic signage that can quickly get information out to your shoppers. Other than lovely salespeople, signage is what informs, motivates, and entices shoppers. 

Despite its popularity in the past, traditional print signage doesn’t always do the trick. Retail digital signage takes your retail business to the next level with its many benefits and easy implementation of marketing strategies. 

Enhance motivation in shoppers with retail digital signage

Benefits of Digital Signage

There are some great widespread benefits to using digital signage rather than printed signage. Each of these benefits is ideal for the retail industry. 


Digital signage is much more engaging than traditional print signage due to its movement, bright colors, and crisp photos and videos. With the movement and brightness of digital signage, a passerby is more likely to read and remember what is on the screen. Additionally, we are now used to seeing technology so we are now naturally more drawn to it. 

Easy to See

Print signage can easily blend in with the surroundings and because it is not lit up, it is hard to see from a distance. Digital signage is bright allowing you to see it from a distance in almost any weather conditions if it is outside and any lighting conditions inside. 


Every time that you have to update print signage, there is more money out of your pocket. Digital signage requires very little maintenance costs and can be updated without costing more money. Additionally, you can offset your digital signage costs by offering paid advertising spots to other brands that you love. 


Though print signage can be any color or size that you want, the customization options with digital signage span much further. From plugins to video and various elements, for the most part, if you can dream it, you can do it with digital signage. 


Digital signage is far more modern than print signage. If you are going for a sleek modern business look, which is the current trend, digital signage is the way to go. Show your customers that you are up to date with technology. They will be highly receptive to it. 

Why Retail Digital Signage Is Powerful

As you can see, digital signage has a lot of great benefits. However, it is even more powerful in the retail industry. Here’s why retail digital signage is the best way to motivate and entice shoppers for increased conversion.

On The Spot Updates

In the retail industry, things are always changing. From sales to incoming merchandise, there is always new information to get out to your customers. Digital signage makes it easy to update your signage as new information comes in so that you are always providing the latest and greatest to your customers. Most digital signage software operates in the cloud, such as Play Digital Signage, which means that you can update your content anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Not only can you update easily, but you can also create your new content easily with retail digital signage with preset templates, saved playlists, and a built-in content editor. No matter the information you need to get out, you’ll be able to do it within minutes all in one place without reprinting anything. 

Up-to-date content builds a trusting relationship with your customers, keeps them informed, and builds excitement over new changes.

Video Content

In retail, it is vital to keep up with the trends. No matter what you sell, you will want to show your customers that you always keep up with the latest trends. The best way to show this is through video content. Video content is powerful because it is engaging, can show a lot in a little time, and can show movement-like demonstrations. Print signage can’t accommodate video content, but digital signage thrives with video content which can even be in high definition. 

Pro tip: Video content is easy to repurpose. Create a video for your digital signage and put it on your social media channels or vice versa. Don’t spend the time creating video content not to use it in more than one way.


Retail digital signage is great for creating different ambiances. You can create an upscale mood or a fun party through your design on digital signage. Background music is also an option. Choose the music based on your branding to really pull your retail store into a cohesive environment. 

Retail Digital Signage Allows You to Get Social

Get social with retail digital signage. Customers value an online presence. Social media is a large part of your business’s digital presence. Show off what you have built online and build more of a following by integrating social media into your digital signage content. Including hashtags in these social plugins can also get customers involved. 

Instagram and other social media platforms in retail digital signage build excitement and involvement with your customers. When customers are excited about your brand and have personal involvement, they are more likely to buy from you. Brand loyalty is strong. Create that brand loyalty through social media plugins in retail digital signage. 

Retail Digital Signage Builds Anticipation

Do you have a big sale coming up or want to entice people to buy now versus waiting? Plugins like a countdown timer are a great way to build anticipation and give a bit of a push among your customers. Countdown to your next merchandise drop, or tell how much time is remaining in your latest sale.

The fear of missing out, also called FOMO, is a powerful driver of sales. Plugins like the countdown timer play on this marketing technique ultimately driving customers to make the purchase faster rather than thinking about it for an unknown amount of time. If they feel like they could miss out, they are more likely to act fast. 

Show Off Your Products with Retail Digital Signage

Though mannequins and displays in store are great, you can only have so many in a specific space. Displays and mannequins also do not show the products or clothing in different environments, only in your store environment. Ultimately, customers want to know how it will look on vacation, at home, or in other places they frequent often. 

Utilizing high-definition photos to style your products or clothing allows you to show what they would look like in different spaces or in different combinations. It is a great alternative to in-store mannequins and displays. Combine multiple products into various spaces or model pieces of clothing paired with trendy accessories. Since you can display as many photos as you want, the options to show off your products is endless.

Branding and Aesthetic

Branding is vital to retail success. Your customers should be able to identify you easily out of a crowd of competition. Retail digital signage is a way to solidify your branding. With custom colors and fonts, it is easy to set yourself apart in a competitive market. 

Additionally, your signage should match the aesthetic of your store so that nothing looks out of place. Whether your aesthetic is bohemian, modern, or mid-century, you can design your retail digital signage to match. 

Increase Your Conversion Rates With Play Digital Signage

Retail digital signage motivates and entices shoppers to make it to the checkout phase, which in the business world is called conversion. Getting to conversion is the ultimate goal of any retail store. Retail digital signage increases the number of people that make it there due to its customization, features, easy updates, and more. 

 Play Digital Signage is one of the best digital signage software on the market. We have a fully featured, built-in content editor with all of the features we have talked about here today. Additionally, it is easy and free to get started! We promise not to collect any credit card information until you are ready.

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