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Published on May 13, 2021

Digital Signage for Transportation

Digital Signage for Transportation is very widely used. If you are looking to get your information up onto a screen, digital signage is the solution. Digital signage encompasses various industries, but one of the up-and-coming industries that we are seeing make a large switch to getting their message out digitally is the transportation sector. 

Transportation Signage

In the transportation sector, signage has been traditionally posters, paper maps, and other small paper-based signs. Signage is typically needed in the transportation sector to direct people where they need to go, announce routes, or other important travel information. 

For instance, there has previously always been a large printout of a map posted at the bus stop with all the different routes.

However, there is a way to take all of the signage needs of the transportation industry to digital methods. 

What Digital Signage Can Achieve 

Information on digital displays can achieve everything traditional signage can and more. Get your message across in a new way. Instead of plain paper signage, keep up with new technology and switch to digital signage. 

Benefits of Digital Signage 


Digital signage has the unique ability to be interactive as it can be placed on touchscreens that allow the user to swipe, click, and search through your content. There are a variety of ways this can be implemented in the transportation industry and is one of the biggest features of going digital.  


Movement, bright colors, pictures, and animated layouts can be far more engaging than traditional signage. People are more likely to look at a digital sign than a static poster. 


Paper signs are hard to see from a distance. Digital signs can be read and interpreted from a distance, even at night and during inclement weather. 


Every company and transportation method in the industry will have different needs. Some might need large complicated maps, others might need a simple information bulletin. By going digital, you can customize your screen to whatever you need at whatever time you need. 

Quick Updates

In the world of transportation, things change quickly. From traffic to logistics, there is always something new. Paper signs are hard to update as they have to be reprinted and re-hung. However, digital screens can be changed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection as new information comes in and it updates immediately.  

How Digital Signage is Used

How digital signage is used largely depends on the sub-sector of the transportation industry as they are going to use it differently. Transportation can pretty much be divided into two categories: public and industrial. 

Public transportation is busses, trains, taxis, passenger planes, UBER, Lyft, and other vehicles that aid the public in getting around. 

Industrial transportation is mostly tractor-trailers, but could also include cargo ships, and cargo planes. 

Though the two sub-sectors will overlap in some of their signage uses, there are some individual differences. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation in general has far more signage opportunities. From small factor screens mounted inside vehicles to larger informative screens in waiting areas, there are different signs everywhere in public transportation.  

Digital Signage for Transportation

Here are additional ways to use signage technology in public transportation. 

Small Factor Screens

We have mentioned that small factor screens are often mounted inside vehicles, trains, and planes; however, they can be used for all kinds of things depending on where they are located. They can show the status of arrival, how far along on the route you are, instructions on what to do, and so many other things. Small screens are versatile because they can be placed just about anywhere due to their size. 

Interactive Screens

One of the best ways interactive screens can be used with public transportation is to give the public the ability to enter their destination and the map to be able to provide the route information they need. They could also be used as entertainment during transit, or even as a method of payment. 

Large TVs

Large TVs are great for displaying up-to-date information, routes, and schedules. These are most often found in terminals or waiting areas as their size only allows them to be placed in areas with enough room. 

LED Video Walls

LED video walls are a digital signage option that many might not have thought of for the public transportation sector. LED video walls are a great way to display large amounts of information at once. An excellent example of this is at the airport where all flights and their status are listed in one large area. Another great use for this could be in the terminals at bus or train stations to do the same thing. Keep in mind that due to the size, the facility will need to be large enough to accommodate this, otherwise, it is better to just use a large TV. 

Industrial Transportation

Though there might not be as many, digital signage in the industrial transportation sector is still prevalent. You often see digital screens used in offices where they are used for planning and tracking. In larger receiving facilities, they are used to direct trucks where they need to go. 

Digital Signage for Transportation

Here are some additional ways to use various digital signage in industrial transportation.

Small factor screens

Small factor screens can be used in industrial transportation by placing them on each individual receiving dock to show status or the name of who is supposed to go there. Additionally, they can be used in trucks themselves as a display for maps, timers, etc.

Interactive screens

Interactive screens can be used in large warehouses to track different tasks and mark when they are complete. For instance, the receiving deck at a facility might have a few stations where the employees can mark when each truck is done so that drivers know when to pull away. 


In the offices of industrial transportation facilities, TVs often display the latest information, available drivers, current routes, and even status screens. 

Large LED signs

Large LED signs are a great way to provide directions for incoming and outgoing truck drivers or cargo ships. To keep things moving, clear, easy-to-see instructions are important. 

Features of Digital Signage for Transportation

Though there are many features of using a screen for your signage, there are some software features that are more helpful to the transportation industry.  


Plugins are software that integrates into your digital signage to be displayed. Common ones in the transportation industry are: 


Salesforce is a customer relationship management system which means that it supports all actions to improve business relations. Some common uses of Salesforce include customer and sales data management, insights, facilitating team communication, and integration into social media. Many industries use Salesforce, but transportation is one of them. 


PowerBI is a Microsoft program that focuses on analytics and allows you to create reports and dashboards. Those in transportation can use this for a lot of things including analyzing route times and trialing new procedures for efficiency.  


In transportation, everything is on a timeline. Using a calendar plug-in can keep everyone on the same schedule. 

Built-In Features

Companies like us here at Play Digital Signage often have an abundance of built-in features on their digital signage software. In addition to supporting all of the plugins above and more, Play Digital Signage also offers these features below that are helpful to the transportation industry. 

Timed animations

Timed animations can be helpful for both public and industrial transportation. These allow different information to appear at different times automatically. It is not only more engaging but can help you get across more information since it rotates through. 


When using a multitude of screens, sometimes you want some of them to be on the same schedule. Zones help you group screens so that information can be directed to the right people at the right time. 

Offline Use

There is not always internet access everywhere in the transportation world, so it is essential that your message still makes it onto the big screen even when not online. Play Digital Signage offers offline use for that reason!

Language Options

Transportation is all around the world and often includes people that don’t all speak the same language. There are several language options in our software so that you don’t have to worry about language barriers. 

The Basics

Of course, in addition to the plugins and features listed above, Play Digital Signage also offers the basics including custom fonts, photo and video capability, and various colors and shapes. 

Check out all of Play Digital Signage’s features and plugins

Price of Transportation Digital Signage 

When deciding to switch to digital signage, the price can be one of the determining factors. Well, you’ll be happy to know that no matter your budget, there is a solution for you.

Budget Options

Once you need more than one screen, you only pay for what you use here at Play Digital Signage. It is $18 per screen, per month. As far as hardware goes, there are screens and players to match every budget. We have reviewed players from three different budget levels which you can find here. Play Digital Signage works with every screen size so if you need to start small for budgetary concerns and upgrade later, there’s no problem. 

Offset Your Costs

One way to make digital signage more affordable in the public transportation industry is to offset your costs with advertisements. Since you have a large demographic of people that will see your signs, you can offer paid advertisement slots on your screens. The revenue from the advertisements can help offset the initial cost of digital signage as well as the continuing monthly fees. 

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