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LED Screen - We have what you need!

Blogpost was published on February 17, 2021

You have most certainly seen an LED screen from small to large, though the ones we are going to focus on are the huge LED screens that you see as billboards, on buildings in New York and Las Vegas, or even in sports centers.

An LED screen provides an attention-grabbing element to your content and can reach a larger amount of people. Out is the way of traditional signs, and in with the digital era. Everything around us is going digital, so why not your large signage, too?

LED screens can take your digital signage to the next level and are good for business. There are plenty of benefits to LED screens as well, keep reading and we'll go over everything you need to know about LED screens.

Brighten Your Space with LED Screens – Play Digital Signage Is Your Ideal Choice

LED Screen Are Good For Business

There are several reasons why they are good for business including high visibility, increased engagement, energy-efficient, and expansive customization.

High Visibility LED Screen

LED screens can be seen in the brightest daylight from very far away. A multitude of colors can be used to make visibility even better.

And let’s face it, the more people who can see your screen, the better business will be.

Increased Engagement with an LED Screen

With so many distractions in our world, it is no wonder that static objects fade into the background. However, with LED screens, there is increased engagement versus just a standard billboard. This is because LED screens are dynamic, colorful, and constantly updating with different information which is great because we want people to not only see what you have to say but act on it, too.


LED screens draw very little electricity, can be seen in any lighting, and last a lot longer. Overall LED screens are energy-efficient, therefore cost-efficient, and definitely worth the money invested for your business.

Play Digital Signage’s Experience With an LED Screen

Play Digital Signage has a lot of knowledge on LED screens. When the company was started, packages were offered that included the large LED screens, software, and even content to display. Previously, we designed our own Scandinavian-targeted LED panels that were produced in China.

However, even though we were successful in that market, we wanted to be able to focus on making the software the best in the market. There are many good LED screen providers out there, but few digital signage software is as good as Play Digital Signage.

Play Digitial Signage LED Screen Features

Using Play Digital Signage gives you a few LED-specific features in addition to the wide range of other features we offer.

Aspect Ratio

Since LED screens are so large, to design content for them, you want to make sure everything is within the proper sizing of each other and is big enough to project the message you are trying to get across. Play Digital Signage offers the ability to create your playlists based on the pixel-by-pixel aspect ratio. Therefore, you can design your content with all of the right spacing and sizing to create a beautiful LED screen.


With so many people seeing your LED sign, any downtime costs you views. That is why we offer the ability to set up notifications if the player goes offline. We know the quicker you know about it, the quicker you can have it back up and running.

Proof of Play

Many companies rent out advertising space on their LED screens. Play Digital Signage provides a great selling feature for those who want to buy ads on your LED screens. In the Play Digital Signage system, you have proof of play reports which show all of the times that you have played the screen and the amount of time that it was live. This makes it possible to give your advertisement customers some tangible proof.

Play Digital Signage Safety

Of course with LED screens being so large and public, safety is a concern. You don’t want any malicious acts to corrupt your business and anyone who buys advertisement slots wants peace of mind that their brand is safe. That is why at Play Digital Signage, we have incorporated a few extra safety features like two-factor authentication, a password validator, and several login options.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is where we ask that you provide two separate pieces of information to make sure that we know it is you. This typically only takes a few seconds longer but provides an extra layer of security.

An example of this might be that you provide your username and password like normal, but then you would also answer a preset security question or have a pin code sent to another device. You have likely seen this method on other websites, and that is because it works.

It is much easier for a hacker to use a password cracker and quickly get into your account than it is to have to also figure out the answer to a question that you only know the answer to or obtain a login code.

Password Validator

Additionally, we have a password validator. If the password you are using is found in any public database, we will notify you and ask you to change your password for your protection. Though it is public information, we know that you don’t have the time to search around the internet to make sure your data isn’t corrupted. That is why we do it for you. Just keep in mind that we only have access to public databases, not any passwords that private databases might have.

Login Options

We also have many different login options. For your Play Digital Signage account, you can log in using four different methods. You can use your Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account, or you can create your own separate login for Play Digital Signage.

This makes your account more secure because for anyone to be able to hack it, they would first have to figure out which login method you use.

Since the login options are combined with the two-factor authentication and your usual login information, your Play Digital Signage account has three walls of defense against anyone with the wrong intentions.

Of course, even though we provide several lines of defense against hackers, you should always practice good password safety like changing it often, including a mix of capitals, numbers, and special characters, as well as keeping separate passwords for separate accounts. And most importantly, don’t share your passwords!

Things To Avoid With LED Screens

Though LED screens provide a lot of benefits to your company, when shopping, there are some things to avoid.

Wrong Hardware

It's important to use hardware that is designed for your project, including a player that will run 24/7 and is rated to cope with the environment whether that is cold, warm, or both. Choosing the wrong hardware can result in downtime or bad performance on your LED screen, so do your research and make sure you make solid choices.

And of course, if you need help with choosing hardware or have any questions, use our chat feature found on our website.

Cheap LED Panels

Though sometimes it seems like the cheapest option is the best option for your bottom line, that is not always the case. When using cheap LED panels, pixels will die quickly.

Sometimes this is in random spots creating speckles in your content and sometimes it is the entire panel, creating large blank chunks in the middle of important information.

Using cheap LED panels will cost your business more in the long run, so make the investment upfront and save yourself some money.

LED Screen Growth

With everything in the world becoming more reliant on tech, the demand for LED screens is expected to rise as well. In 2019, the global outdoor LED display market size was valued at over 7.4 million dollars and is projected to reach over 17.4 million dollars by 2027. That is an increase in market size of over 10 million dollars in just eight years.

These large-format digital signage displays are going to experience new growth due to new sectors adopting LED screens rather than traditional signage. Some of the new customers we are seeing purchase LED screens now are from sectors such as transportation, healthcare, and more retail companies. This is likely because LED screens and digital signage work great in almost any application. 

The Future of LED Screens

So we already know that the LED screen market is growing, but you might be asking if there is any new technology coming in the near future.

Well, large LED screen manufacturers such as Samsung and LG are working on new technologies such as mini-LED and micro-LED to be incorporated into commercial-grade TVs. They are also testing and prototyping various alternative LED panels such as rollable and flexible screens.

Technology is ever-evolving, but don’t worry, as new screens come out, we will keep our software up to date with all of the latest and greatest features to continue to work with any screen.

Check out the blog post about pixel pitch, resolution, and size.

How To Get Started With LED Screens and Play Digital Signage

First, sign up for a Play Digital Signage account here. We will ask you for some basic information and you’ll gain access to our content management system with a built-in editor.

Then you’ll pick an LED screen. Of course, this is the most costly part about getting started, however, just under 80% of companies lease their equipment so they don’t have to put as much money down upfront. This can be a great way to offset the initial start-up cost.

Finally, find a player. There are a lot of options when it comes to players as well, but we have tested some of the best in every price range so that you don’t have to. Learn more about how to find a player here. You’ll find a suitable player for large area LED screens in the category “Mid- and High-End Players”. Just always be sure you check to make sure that your player will work with your screen.

If you get stuck along the way, don’t forget we are here to support you. Simply visit our help section or chat with us using the chat feature on our website.

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