Setup Mac Digital Signage

Play Digital Signage works with macOS. Follow these instructions to setup PlaySignage app on your Mac and get up and running digital signage.

1. Download our Mac OS player application

Click here to download the player

2. Install it

To install the application, drag “PlaySignage” to “Applications”. When the installation is complete, you can find our player application in the “Applications” folder.

3. Link the screen

You can link the screen to your account on the screens page by entering the 6 character code shown in the app.

4. Configure auto start (optional)

By default we don’t configure windows to launch our player automatically as it is likely that you will first test it on your computer before installing it on a dedicated player.
However when you install it on dedicated player, don’t forget to go to Settings and turn on Launch player on startup option.


I got my screen linked, what next?

We recommend checking out our 5 minute video guide on getting started, it covers most of the basics.

How do I set up the display in portrait mode?

See the OSX section of our portrait guide.

Mouse cursor is visible after restart?

It can be that other software in the system can interfere with our application and steal focus after our app has launched, this prevents our app from hiding the cursor. It can be easily fixed with a 3rd party software that will hide the cursor on OS level after set time of inactivity, try Cursorcerer!

Where are the files stored?

The player downloads files to ~/Library/Application Support/PlaySignage/assets

Can I run several instances of the application?

By default the application enables maximum one window, however in situations where you have a Mac machine with several monitors you may need to run one player application per each monitor. To do this, you need to set different data directory for each application window using the --data-dir parameter, for example:
open /Applications/ --args --data-dir=/path/to/storage/folder

How do i run the app on my secondary display?

To run the app on your secondary display go to OPTIONS in the app and choose your preferred display.

If your primary display goes black you need to change your settings in Mission Control. Open System Preferences, click Mission Control and then toggle Displays have seperate Spaces.

How do I update the the player software?

There is built in auto-updater, however in certain circumstances the software is not automatically updated. You can apply the update manually without having to link the screen again:

  1. Close player application if it’s running.
  2. Download the latest version.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded .dmg file.
  4. Drag the app to the applications folder (See step 2)

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