Author Lars
Published on April 12, 2022

Using macOS for Digital Signage 

You may be surrounded by Apple in your everyday life, but did you know that the Mac operating system can be used for digital signage as well? There are several operating systems that have come to the digital signage market, but macOS has made a big splash. Let’s take a deep dive into digital signage for Mac. 

macOS for Digital Signage

About the Mac Operating System

macOS has become a huge player in both server environments as well as end-user computers. Apple launched macOS in 2001 and has since used it for many of their devices, but mostly their computers. 

Though it is popularly used in people’s homes on their personal computers, it is far more versatile since it is so powerful which is why it also has commercial applications such as digital signage.

Who is Using Mac Digital Signage

Both large and small-scale digital signage users are taking advantage of Mac OS and for good reason. Mac digital signage is versatile and has multiple benefits which we will get to in a bit. 

Though small-scale digital signage can use Mac OS and often do, it may not be the first choice for those due to initial cost. 

Currently, larger, more advanced digital signage setups are using Mac digital signage due to these companies having a larger budget and greater resources. 

Benefits of Mac Digital Signage

Digital signage using Mac operating system has multiple benefits which are why it has become so popular in the industry. Let’s take a look at just a few.

Quality Hardware

Mac operating system is simply software and without quality hardware, any good software is useless. Luckily Apple knows what they are doing when it comes to hardware as well. Mac OS comes on quality Apple hardware that can keep up with the operating system’s capabilities and power, no matter which version of Mac hardware and software you choose to go with. 

Powerful Operating System

Mac OS can run even the most dynamic of content. In fact, throughout our player testing, there wasn’t anything that we through at a Mac operating system that it couldn’t handle. Whatever you have in mind for your digital signage content, Mac OS can handle it. 


Security is of utmost importance whether your digital signage is for entertainment or information. After all, you don’t want just anyone to put whatever they want on your screen for everyone to see. Mac OS is known for its security and continual security updates.   


Like Linux, macOS is highly customizable to your digital signage needs. There are a ton of settings that can be changed, lending itself well to the everchanging things you’ll need when creating and updating your digital signage set up as you grow your business. 

Disadvantages of Mac Digital Signage

There are not many disadvantages to using Mac operating software, but there are two that you should just keep in mind if you plan to use Apple. 


One of the most talked-about disadvantages of Mac digital signage and really Apple, in general, is how expensive it is. The initial start-up cost to buy Apple digital signage hardware is significant, but you do get what you pay for. This initial start-up cost is the main reason that not many small businesses or companies with small digital signage setups opt for Mac digital signage. Rather, in these instances, they are more driven by budgetary constraints and choose budget-friendly solutions. 

A Learning Curve

As a whole, many of us fall into two categories when it comes to technology. We either use Windows or Google-based products for our devices or we use Apple devices. If you are someone who has always used Windows or Google-based products, it can create a learning curve when you switch to Apple devices. It is important to account for the extra time you’ll need to get used to a new operating system. 

macOS Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

Though you can use any digital signage hardware that uses Mac operating system, especially with Play Digital Signage, there are two that are the most popular. 

Apple TV

Apple TV, while it is not MacOS and rather Apple’s tvOS, it is a good balance between power and price when it comes to digital signage hardware. It is under $200 and while it can’t run everything, it will run a decent amount of content. Though it struggles with HTML5 content, it can handle video, photos, and more simple designs. It is a good starter option for a digital signage media player if you want a similar, but a budget-friendly alternative to macOS hardware. 

Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro has the full force of the Mac operating system, but of course, it comes at a much higher price. However, the Macbook Pro will run any and all content you want because it is not held back in power. It is perfect for advanced digital signage setups. 

Play Digital Signage for Mac 

The Mac operating system and Apple devices only work with digital signage if you use it with a Mac-compatible digital signage software like Play Digital Signage. There might be other digital signage software that will work, but Play Digital Signage has some key features that pair perfectly with the Mac operating system and set us above the rest. 


The number one thing you should be looking at when it comes to Mac digital signage software is whether it is compatible. Here at Play Digital Signage, our software is compatible with all major operating systems including MacOS. Even if you choose to go with Apple TV, the Play Digital Signage app available on the Apple app store maintains a level of widespread compatibility. 


We have gone in-depth about zones here, but in general, it is a feature that helps display more information with a smaller number of screens. macOS is powerful enough to support zones, whereas many operating systems won’t. 

Built-in Content Editor

The three components of any digital signage setup are a screen, like a TV, a digital signage media player, and a digital signage software like Play Digital Signage. However, there is another piece to the puzzle as well and that is the content displayed on the screen. 

The content is what is passed from the digital signage software to the media player to the screen, but you have to be able to design the content in the first place. 

Instead of having to use a third-party content editor, Play Digital Signage has a full-featured built-in content editor directly in its software at no additional cost to you. 


Though macOS is an attractive option for large businesses that have large technical support departments, small businesses with fewer resources shouldn’t count MacOS out as an option. Here at Play Digital Signage, we offer tons of support which means that you don’t have to have your own in-house solutions. 

When you need help simply contact our 24/7 LIVE chat support at the bottom of every page of the Play Digital Signage website, take a look at our extensive online help section, or watch a video from our Youtube channel. Whether you are struggling with a learning curve or encounter a simple issue, we are here to help you the entire way. 

Get Started with Play Digital Signage 

Getting started with Play Digital Signage is as easy as three steps. We offer a ten screen-free trial for as long as you need, so we will never collect any credit card or billing information until you are ready to go live. Take that time to design your content and see all of the features Play Digital Signage has to offer. 

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Then pick your screen. It can be as big as a video wall or as small as a tablet. You also have the choice of whether it needs to be a touchscreen or just visual. 

Finally, choose your player. Though you can choose a media player with any of the most common operating systems with Play Digital Signage, you can also utilize Mac operating system. If you need help deciding between players, our tested list may help.