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How To Engage with Digital Bulletin Board for Best Info

Blogpost was published on October 10, 2021

Whether your business is in education, administration, corporate, hospitality, or the arts, getting information out to employees and visitors is a priority. A Digital Bulletin Board can help distribute information and entertain people.

A digital bulletin board is a great way to keep your employees, students, and guests informed and engaged. Many businesses have traditional bulletin boards made of cork. They have flyers, posters, and information pinned into them. At Play Digital Signage, we help your business take the traditional bulletin board to the next level.

Digital bulletin boards (BBs) use a screen, special software, and a player to display customized content. They have several benefits over standard bulletin boards. For example, you can put digital BBs almost anywhere and display more than the basic information usually found on traditional BBs. 

Here’s an in-depth look at how a digital bulletin board helps keep your employees, students, and guests informed and engaged and some ideas for implementation. 

Digital Signage Bulletin boards for effective digital signage

Benefits of Using Digital Bulletin Boards

Digital BBs have many benefits that traditional cork bulletin boards don’t. Cork bulletin boards need constant management and printing to stay up to date. They tend to fall into the background, and can only display certain media. Digital BBs are far more versatile with tons of benefits. Let’s take a look.

Quick Updates for Your Digital Bulletin Board

One of the best benefits of using digital BBs is the quick update capabilities. Since digital BBs connect to wifi, user updates are a few clicks away from any Wi-Fi-connected device from anywhere in the world. With digital BBs, you don’t have to be in the same physical location as your screen to update it. 


Since there is so much more than signage content that you can put on digital BBs, they are far more engaging than traditional cork BBs. Additionally, they are brighter because of the digital screen, making them viewable in all lighting conditions. Based on the size, viewers see digital BBs from vast distances. Digital BBs have moving elements in the content that capture passersby's attention. Nowadays, we are also more used to looking at screens with the integration of smartphones. Hence we notice screens with BBS easier than we do cork BBs. 


Digital BBs generally display lots of information programmed to rotate on a schedule. These BBs keep viewers from getting overwhelmed with content. Viewers wait for relevant content then pay attention. Viewers see digestible bits of information without frustration.


The customization options set digital BBs apart from traditional ones. Besides customizable setups, displayed content becomes a brand people notice. You can have many screens, all with different information. You can even present various types of displayed content. The combinations and options are endless with digital BBs.


Because digital BBs use many types of displayed content, they have several uses. For instance, as a traditional BB to display information, but they can also serve as emergency signage, advertisement, video screens, and more. 

Where To Place Digital Bulletin Boards

As you can see, digital BBs are quite versatile. Consequently, this means placement locations are quite varied. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 


Schools have a lot of information that they need to get out to teachers, staff, and students. Thus, schools could use digital BBs for upcoming events, policies, and other important information. Schools should consider placing them in classrooms, hallways, near auditoriums, and administrative offices. With digital BBs, you choose whether each location displays different content or they all are in sync with each other. 


Gyms often have a lot of rules and other vital information to get out to their clients such as operating hours. Placing digital BBs by the entrance and in the locker rooms ensures all gym-goers receive important notifications. Additionally, place digital BBs near cardio machines with entertainment content to provide clients with some fun motivation. 


Offices always need to be clear in their communication to visitors and employees. Digital BBs around the office can help achieve this. Place them in conference rooms to display meeting schedules and even double as a presentation screen. In the break room, they can provide entertainment and the most up-to-date information for employees. Finally, in the waiting room, they can entertain visitors while they wait and show any necessary building policies. 

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts have a lot of uses for digital BBs because they are always hosting events and have a lot of vital policies and travel information to make guests aware of. Hotels and resorts can place digital BBs in the lobby, near event spaces, or by amenity facilities to keep guests up to date effortlessly. 

Museums, Galleries, and Theaters

Museums, galleries, and theaters can be used to display schedules and events. Moreover, digital BBs can display information about displayed artifacts or art. For instance, in an art gallery, the description display could have a digital BB for a biography of the featured artists, the inspiration behind the pieces, and what medium they used. In theaters, digital BBs could advertise upcoming shows and display what performers are in the show. 

Anywhere that you could put a sign, you could put a digital BB and make it more engaging and informative. 

Digital Bulletin Board Content Ideas

So what kinds of content can be displayed on digital BBs besides standard information found on traditional BBs? Well, the options are endless and depend on your business, but here are some ideas to get you started. 

Social Media

All major social media platforms are available as a plug-in for digital signage which means that you can display a live-updating feed of your business’s social media accounts to show off your large following, or gain new followers. 


Photo content looks great on digital bulletin BBs because, on a screen, the photos are crisp, clear, and attention-grabbing. Show photos of the surrounding area in the lobby of a hotel or photos of the cast at a local theater. 


Video content is something that simply can’t be posted to a traditional BB but can be both entertaining and informative. Use video content to explain a process using animation or narration or use it to entertain guests in a waiting room. 

Weather, Stocks, Time, and Date

Weather, stocks, and time and date plugins all provide up-to-date information to viewers. Since digital BBs are connected to Wifi, you can display the current weather, live stock market updates, and the time and date of anywhere in the world. These are great content elements to include in schools, offices, hotels, and gyms. 


Use your digital BB to advertise your business’s products and services. We have all seen flyers hanging on a traditional bulletin board, but you can do the same digitally. Additionally, you can offer advertisement space to other companies for a small charge to offset some of your costs.

Play Digital Signage for Your Digital Bulletin Board

Play Digital Signage is a market-leading digital signage company that is perfect for setting up and managing your digital BBs. With a simple pricing structure, compatibility with a variety of hardware, a built-in content editor, and stellar customer support, Play Digital Signage is a premier choice.

Get Your Digital Bulletin Board Up and Running Today

Getting started with Play Digital Signage to add a digital bulletin boad to your business’s resource repertoire is easy as 1, 2, 3. Complete the three steps below, design your content and you’ll be able to entertain and inform your employees, students, and guests no matter your industry. 

  1. Sign up at
  2. Choose your screen. At Play Digital Signage, we support any size screen, so the choice is yours.
  3. Pick your player. The player connects the screen of your digital bulletin board to the software as a middleman. Check out our list of the best players, separated by price point, here.

Digital bulletin boards are ideal for any business. Whether you're operating an office, gym, or classroom, or hosting events with scheduled activities, digital bulletin boards can help keep your employees, customers, students, or guests informed with up-to-date information.

Check out the blog post about how you can make your employee's day better!

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