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5 Ways You Can Make Your Employee’s Day Better

Blogpost was published on March 29, 2023

As a business owner, manager, or supervisor, a large part of your job is often managing a team of employees. The best and most successful leaders know that a company’s success heavily depends on the people who run the day-to-day operations. To improve any company one of the best places to start is by taking steps to ensure the employees are happy.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can make your employee’s day better and how to use digital signage to help you implement these tactics.

Make you employees day better with digital signage

Value of Making Your Employee’s Day Better

The happiness of employees has always been directly correlated to the environment of the workplace and their relationship with their immediate supervisor. Additionally, the happier your employees are, the more productive and invested they will be in your company. Essentially happy employees make for a successful company with happy customers.

Choosing to make an effort to make your employee’s day better every day, or most days is an easy solution to making them happier overall. This is why it is valuable to know a few ways or tactics to make your employee’s day better.

5 Ways To Make Your Employee’s Better Today

Besides simply offering a pay raise, here are five ways you can make your employees better today as a business owner, manager, or supervisor.

Share Information

People are more motivated when they see the fruits of their labor. In the workplace, this means that as a leader in the company, you should share the progress and successes with your team. This especially applies if the “win” was a direct or indirect result of the employee’s hard work.

When you make an effort to update employees on how the business is doing and what the team has accomplished, it makes their day better. Informing them makes their day better by giving validation, inspiring their motivation, and showing the work they are going to do that day will lead to positive results and isn’t for nothing!

Provide a Fun Small Activity

Sometimes the workplace can be too serious. We all want to be professional, but you can make your employee’s day better by incorporating a small, fun activity for them to get a bit of a break, have a laugh, and reset the overall feeling of the environment.

An activity doesn’t have to be anything really involved, time-draining, or expensive. It could be just a round of trivia for a piece of candy or a song sing-along. We’ll dive into more ideas later, so keep reading!


If there is anything that will brighten an employee’s day, it is receiving recognition. Recognizing hard work, dedication, a pleasant personality, or someone’s contribution to the team might seem minuscule, but it is by far the most impactful. Doesn’t a compliment make your day? Well, it will make your employee’s day, too!

Promote Efficiency

Not only is efficiency the key to a successful business, but it has a big influence on company morale, too. Trust us, your employees do not want to work harder in order to complete the same task or reach the same goal if there is a better way.

Make your employee’s day better by either encouraging and supporting their idea to make a task or project more efficient or by relaying the most efficient way to complete their responsibilities. Their day will go much smoother and be better if you work with them to improve efficiency.

Be A Resource, Not A Helicopter

Want to know how to make your employee’s day worse? Be a “helicopter”, meaning you hover over them and micromanage.

To make their day better, you should be available as a resource rather than looking over their shoulder. Ensure you let them know that you are around and reachable for questions, comments, or concerns, but that they can structure the day or handle an assigned task as they wish.

Additionally, if an employee does approach you for assistance or input, be receptive, friendly, and helpful to make their day better. After all, there are few things that will ruin an employee’s day more than a disrespectful, unapproachable boss.

How To Utilize Digital Signage To Implement These Ways

As a business owner, supervisor, or manager, you can implement these ways to make your employee’s day better without any specific resources. However, digital signage can be a powerful asset in your endeavors.

Below we will look at how digital signage can be used to achieve each of the ways we’ve discussed to make your employee’s day better.

Displaying Information

So, if you want to share information with your employees that will help them feel accomplished and motivated, digital signage will save you time. Rather than meeting with employees one on one or drafting an email to everyone, consider keeping staff up to date with digital signage.

You can put a list of accomplishments, goals, and progress that you can update in a few clicks from anywhere on a digital signage screen. Place the screen where everyone can see it and you’ll be able to brighten each of your employees’ day without adding too much extra workload to your own day.

Fun Activities/Entertainment

When it comes to fun activities and entertainment in the workplace, digital signage is one of the best ways to not impact productivity.

Say you put a daily trivia question or fun fact on your digital signage screen (which you can set up a plugin to automatically do!), then everyone can participate on their own schedule. When an employee has a free minute or needs a “pick-me-up”, they can go engage with the activity you have provided.

Want more ideas? Have employees share photos of their pets to a Google Drive that is integrated to pop up on the digital signage. Put a funny video into your digital signage content. Utilize fun social media feeds. Use your screen to play guessing games.

There are a ton of fantastic, interactive activities and entertainment you can include in your digital signage content to make your employees’ day better.

Providing Recognition

Though you could just walk up to your employees and give them a compliment, why not show your recognition to the whole office? You can go about this in two ways with the help of digital signage.

First, you could put a heartfelt message or video recognizing all of your staff on the screen which will go a long way to boost morale as a whole. The second and more personalized option is to showcase individual employees’ accomplishments with rotating slides.

Whether you choose one person per day, week, or month, going the more specific, individual route will be more impactful on an employee’s day.

Using Digital Signage for Efficiency

We have already mentioned how digital signage can save you time by spreading information faster or displaying activities and entertainment for the staff. However, digital signage can also be a great tool for improving your work efficiency as a whole.

Use it as a status tracker, a quick reference tool, a centralized data display, or a due date calendar. You could also display detailed plans and a delegation list for tasks or projects so that everyone on the team can see what needs to be done, their role, and how a project will come together.

Better yet, use your digital signage to display all of these on individual slides to create a centralized productivity hub.

Promoting Your Team’s Independence

Utilizing digital signage in the workplace can help you as a leader support your team without micromanaging their day.

Display project plans as we mentioned above or create a display of resources they might need to handle their responsibilities that they can easily see. Much of what you can do with digital signage for efficiency and information sharing will also allow you to give employees more freedom which in turn makes their day a bit brighter.

Play Digital Signage Has Your Back

Here at Play Digital Signage, we have your back if you are trying to make your employee’s day better.

Our digital signage management software with a full-featured content editor supports plugins for entertainment, the ability to update your content from anywhere, multiple playlists and zones, and so much more at one low price. We even offer an extensive online help section and LIVE 24/7 section chat support if there are any hiccups!

It’s time to make your employee’s happier with digital signage. Get started with Play Digital Signage today.

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