Author Sander
Published on October 31, 2018

Another social plugin with Facebook Photo

We’re glad to release another Social Plugin with the much anticipated Facebook photo grid plugin this week. With the new plugin, you can load photos from any Facebook into a photo grid.

It’s very easy to use and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Social Plugin in Digital Signage

Voice your opinion on our next social plugin

Next, we plan to release a Facebook plugin to display posts, but we need your help! Tell us how you’d like the plugin to work so we can make the best possible solution.

Native Linux player

Open source has a special place in our hearts, so naturally, Linux plays a crucial role. Linux is a great platform for digital signage hence it’s the ability to customize every aspect of it — be that the loading screen, disabling pop-ups, or avoiding automatic updates happening in the middle of the day. Read the Linux player tutorial.

Want to see what else we did in version 1.12.x?

Like promised, we published both release notes and future releases on the web. Go have a look at all the other stuff we did in our release notes.