Author Lars
Published on May 3, 2019

Amazon SMART Plug

Workday is over? Then why keep the displays running? Enter Amazon SMART Plug: an intelligent way of telling your devices when to go sleep and take a rest.

Smart home technology is getting more and more common in residential buildings and, in some regions, in stores, malls, dealerships, etc. Unsurprisingly, this trend has touched the Digital Signage industry too. We recently tested the Amazon SMART Plug as a way to schedule power outlet downtime and to save you money on your digital signage installation as a result.

Amazon smart plug for digital signage players

So what is a Smart Plug?

The short version is that it’s a $25 plug that can be controlled by a remote or by schedules stored on the smart plug itself, turning the power on and off. That means you can connect both your TV and your player to the smart plug, create schedules, and have it control when your devices consume power.

Note, if you have a Samsung TV running Tizen (More on Tizen supported TVs) you do not need a smart plug as our app automatically can turn the TV on and off.

How does it work?

All you really have to do is connect the Amazon Smart Plug between your wall plug and your TV, player or power distribution. Next, you should download the Alexa app on your smartphone (works with iOS, Android, and Fire OS). Follow the on-screen instructions and get linked to your SMART Plug in a few moments. When your Amazon SMART Plug is linked to your phone you can create schedules telling the device to turn on the power when needed and turn off the power when there is no need for running your digital signage.

Remember to check your TV settings before deploying them. It’s important that your TV starts automatically when powered on and that it’s on the correct HDMI channel.

The average power consumption for a LED TV is around 95 watts, the plasma around 138 watts, and LCD around 140 watts. Let’s say an LED TV is running 24 hours, that’s an average of 2.4 kWh per day and around $96 on a yearly basis (you may be paying way more depending on TV size, technology, and your kWh price). SMART Plug can help you cut down on that consumption resulting in significant savings.

Also, if you are more comfortable with a mechanical plug you should be able to get them from Amazon