Nowadays the transportation industri covers a huge range of businesses. Transport by rails, air, water, road all have one thing in common, they all have large masses of people traveling with them. In addition this industry have other use-cases where digital signage works really great.


Transportation is everywhere and in so many industries. They all include people having to wait for something. How about making peoples waiting time interesting, enlightening and maybe even fun.

Show nearby attractions as vehicles pass through specific geo-locations.

Change content live, based on audience demographics to ensure targeted advertisements.


Transportation using digital signage.

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Capterra User Reviews

Very clean, easy to use product with a fantastic customer support team.

What I have found in my time using playsignage is that the team are usually willing and able to bend over backwards to fulfil the demand in a decent amount of time – features that were missing are now implemented because they listen.

Capterra Reviews - iZettle Topscore for Digital Signage

Aaron W. @ iZettle

IT Support
Financial Services, 201-500 employees
Used the software for: 6-12 month

Amazing! Great support and product.

Great customer support. Reliable software that provides a great upgrade from a legacy digital signage system. Ease of access, reliability, user friendly interface. Amazing support. Any issues any time of the day you will get support.

Capterra Review - Tijuana Flat Tex Mex Topscore in Digital Signage

Seth B. @ Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex

Technical Support Representative
Food and Beverages, 1001-5000 employees
Used the software for: Less than 6 month