Amazon FireTV (FireOS)

Setup Amazon FireOS for digital signage

Amazon offers a wide range of TV sticks loaded with their FireOS operating system. For any Amazon FireTV Stick, you can easily find, download and install our APP and run your FireTV Stick as an entry-level player.

Getting Started - Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up at

Go sign up at, using Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or simply a username and password.

Getting Started - Step 2 - Connect your player

Connect your player

Connect your player directly to an HDMI port on the TV (Note, some TVs have a player built-in)

Getting Started - Step 3 - Download

Download our APP

Find, download, and install our APP from the Amazon store (Search for Play Digital Signage) – You can find our app on Amazon App Store

Getting Started - Step 4 - Link your screen

Link the APP

Log in at, then go to Screens, hit Add screen, and use the code from the TV to link the APP to your account.

Getting Started - Step 5 - Design your content

Design your content

Go to Playlists, hit Create Playlist, and design your content.

Getting Started - Step 6 - Link playlist

Link your playlist

Go to Groups & Schedules, pick your playlist in the group’s base playlist and move your screen to the group.

Launch APP on startup Go to start for Amazon FireOS

Launching the APP on startup is not on when you first install our APP. If you want the APP to launch after a power outage or simply when you power on your player go to, Screens, open the settings for the screen, and toggle on Launch APP on startup.

FAQ Go from FAQ to start for Amazon FireOS

I got my screen linked, what next?

We recommend checking out our 5-minute video guide on getting started, it covers most of the basics.

My TV has a USB port, can I use that to power the FireTV stick?

We do not recommend using the USB ports on the TVs as they’re meant for data transfer and can’t supply as much power as the stick may need. This leads to the device operating in a lower performance mode and can lead to it crashing often.

How do I set up the display in portrait mode?

See the FireOS section of our portrait guide.

I can not find the Play Digital Signage app on the Amazon app store?

If our app does not show up in the search, then likely it’s because the device you’re using is not supported. Please beware that the First Generation FireTV stick (released 2014 model AFTM) is not supported.

How do I update the app? Link

Amazon App store will keep your app automatically up to date. You can also start the update process manually:

  1. Find our app in the Amazon Appstore.
  2. If there is an update available, you will see a button to update the app.

How do I access OPTIONS if I disabled the top menu bar?

In the APP options, you can hide the top menu bar if you for example are running a touch screen. To access the top menu bar, when hidden, you can use CTRL + O for options or CTRL + Q to close the APP.