Use FireTV devices together with PlaySignage

2nd generation FireTV stick

Setup Amazon FireTV with Play Digital Signage

App store

You an find our app in Amazon App Store


This guide will walk you through the initial setup of the Amazon FireTV stick.

  • Start by unboxing the product.
  • Put the batteries in the remote
  • Plug the power cord in the Amazon stick
  • Plug the Amazon stick in an available HDMI port on your display
  • Go through initial setup (Selecting your preferred language and connecting to a WIFI network)
  • Log in with your Amazon account (If you do not have a Amazon account please create one)
  • When you log in you will be prompted to activate your device (You should do this from you mobile, tablet or PC). Go to, log in, input the code shows on your display and press continue. When the device has been registered at Amazon your ready for the next step.
  • If asked, choose no to “Parental Controls”
  • If asked, choose “No, thanks” to any Amazon marketing
  • You will be shown a Amazon promotional video (Use the right side of the control wheel to fast forward)
  • Now you’ll need to find our app in Amazon app store. There are two ways of doing this:
    • Go to, log in with your Amazon account, search “Play Digital Signage”, you should only see one result, click on the Play Digital Signage App and add it to your list by clicking “Add to list” in the right side of the screen. When you add the App here, you’ll see it available on your Amazon stick in a couple of minutes.
    • Press and hold the microphone button on the remote, say “Play Digital Signage”. Alexa should find the Play Digital Signage App for you.
  • Click on the App, install it and open it.
  • Check and adjust your screen edges and click “Edges seems fine”
  • If your Amazon stick is connected to the right WIFI network click “Next”
  • Add your Amazon stick at and deploy your content
  • To make sure the Play Digital Signage App starts when and if the Amazon stick reboots press the setting button while in our app (The one with 3 lines), activate “Launch player on startup”
  • You’re done !


My TV has a USB port, can I use that to power the FireTV stick?

We do¬†not recommend using the USB ports on the TV’s as they’re meant for data transfer and can’t supply as much power as the stick may need. This leads to the device operating in a lower performance mode and can lead to it crashing often.

I got my screen linked, what next?

We recommend checking out our 5 minute video guide on getting started, it covers most of the basics.

How do I set up the display in portrait mode?

See the FireOS section of our portrait guide.