Author Lars
Published on September 20, 2021

Top 5 Reasons To Use A Digital Menu Software For Your Food Truck

Food trucks are becoming a culinary industry sensation, but while being able to set up anywhere is a great benefit, you need some business tools that can be just as adaptable as you. A food truck Digital Menu Software is a fantastic alternative to traditional printed menus. Operating a food truck comes with its own responsibilities, but with our digital menus that are easy to update and customizable to your branding, you can take the stress out of signage. 

Food Truck Digital Menu Software

Easily update your food truck’s customizable menu board based on what you’re offering each day, including pictures of your dishes, remove items that you’re sold out of, and show any promotions you’re running. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the top five reasons to use Digital Menu Software for your food truck. 

Quick and Easy Updates for your Digital Menu Software

One of the biggest reasons to use Digital Menu Software for your food truck is that you can quickly and easily make updates from anywhere at any time. Because digital menu boards are connected to the cloud and wifi, no matter where you are, you can make updates on the fly. Things change all the time on a food truck and to be successful, you have to adapt to those changes. 

Digital menu boards help you do that. Whether you run out of a dish and need to tell your customers or you want to run a special on something you have an overstock on, you can update your Digital Menu Software in just a few clicks to rapidly get that information out there. If you were to have traditional printed menus, you would have to tell every customer about the changes or attempt to get a sign printed every time there is a change. 

Additionally, if you serve different menus depending on the time of day, you can put up the new menu when it’s time or you can schedule it so that it automatically pops up at the proper time. There are so many ways to use the quick and easy updates of a Digital Menu Software to your advantage for your food truck. 

Solidify Your Food Truck’s Branding

We all know that branding is essential to a successful business, which means that you wouldn’t want to use anything that disrupts your solid branding plan. With Digital Menu Software, not only will you not interrupt your perfect branding, but you can contribute to it. Because of the digital aspect, you can use your logos, colors, fonts, all on a sleek screen that will blend into any element. Your menus no longer have to contain just the items you offer, they can add to your style and be used as a branding technique.

Customize Everything

Speaking of colors and fonts, with Digital Menu Software, you can upload any custom colors or fonts as well as design elements, logos, plugins, and more. Not only can you customize your content to your heart’s content, but you can also customize the size, the type of screen, and layouts. Also, digital menu boards don’t always have to be used for your menu. It can be used to display your hours when you are closed, directions/ instructions for the customer, or simply to display your logo so customers know who you are. There are endless ways that you can customize your digital menu board. 

Take Advantage of In-House Advertising

Digital Menu Software allows you to use the screen for not just your menu but also to advertise any promotions that you are running. With regular menus, you would have to either have an additional sign or advertise your promotion in other ways. With a digital menu board, you get a two-in-one option. Advertise elements of your company and display your menu all in one modern solution.   

Include High-Definition Photos of Your Food Truck Menu

Photos on normal printed signs just do not have the same quality as they do when they are digital, especially if they are in high definition. Digital Menu Software allow you to display photos of your food on your menu so that customers can see exactly what they are getting and how delicious it look. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Show off your food creations with high-definition photos on your food truck digital menu board.

Components of Food Truck Digital Menu Software

There are four main components of the digital menu for food trucks — content, software, screen, player. Each of them works together to display your menu for every customer to see. 


The content is your menu or whatever you create to display on your screen. It can be anything that you want and there are several options. If you need some additional content ideas besides your menu, check out some ideas here.


The software is what holds your content, schedules it, and publishes it. If you choose digital signage software with a built-in editor, you will also be able to create the content in the software as well. 


The screen is the hardware that displays your content. It can be a TV, an LED video wall, or even a touchscreen tablet. Find Samsung LED Screens specially designed for menu boards and advertising in general, Samsung.


The player is the piece of hardware that connects the software and the screen. It transmits the content that is published by the software to the screen. You can think of the player as the middle man. Keep in mind that if you choose certain screens, like a touchscreen, the player is already built-in.

Choosing The Software for Your Food Truck Digital Menu Software

So – you’re ready to implement a digital menu board on your food truck. The first step is to figure out which digital signage software that you want to use. It is important to choose the software before the hardware components so you can ensure that they are all compatible. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing digital signage software for your food truck digital menu board. 

Built-In Content Editor

A built-in content editor within your digital signage software is highly beneficial especially if it is as full-featured as a stand-alone content editor. This is because it is far easier to pay for and use one service versus two. When the digital signage software already has a built-in content editor, you can create your content, edit, schedule, and publish all in one place rather than creating your content with one software, downloading it, and then having to upload it to your digital signage software. Ensure the digital signage software you choose has a full-featured content editor built-in for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Easy Support for your Food Truck’s Digital Menu Software

With owning a food truck, you’ll already have a slew of other things to worry about so you should have to worry if you come across a problem with your digital menu board. When it comes to anything in the tech world, sometimes you need help here and there with setting something up or executing an idea. The digital signage software you choose for your digital menu board should have support options that are easy to reach and understand. 

Simple Pricing for Digital Menu Software

Your digital menu board shouldn’t be racking up a lot of additional costs of running your food truck. You should have to pay extra to use all of the features of the digital signage software. Go with software that has a simple pricing structure that includes full use of the software capabilities.


Some digital signage software only works with their proprietary company players and screens. That can make digital menu boards far less affordable and reduce the number of customization options regarding the size. It is in your best interest to go with a digital menu board software that offers a wide range of compatibility with various players and screens at different price points so that you can always get a setup that is perfect for your food truck’s needs.

Getting your Food Truck Digital Menu Software Board with Play Digital Signage

Play Digital Signage is the leading choice for food truck digital menu boards because our software has a powerhouse full-featured built-in content editor, comprehensive support, a super simple pricing structure, and is compatible with any screen size and a long list of players. 

Getting started with Play Digital Signage is as easy as 1-2-3. Complete these three steps, create your content, and you’ll have a stunning digital menu board for your food truck. 

  1. Sign up at We will only ask you for some basic information. No credit card information is required until you are ready
  2. Choose your screen – select whichever screen size you want to use. Play Digital Signage is compatible with any size.
  3. Pick your player. We have compiled a list of fantastic players at three different price points to help in your research. 

Complete these three steps, create your content, and you’ll have a stunning digital menu board for your food truck in no time!