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Visiontech LED Digital Displays

Play stands out for its simplicity and amazing support!

"In terms of reseller-level relationships, our experience has been exceptional and tailored to the specific demands of our field. Lars, Sander, Justas, and the entire Play team have been highly accommodating regarding new feature suggestions and innovative approaches. This collaborative approach has greatly contributed to the success of our outdoor digital display line".

Visiontech LED Digital Displays recently completed the installation of a large LED pylon at Jordan Valley Community Health Center.

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"The Play Digital Signage team is a masterclass in good business relationship development and has helped us mold their product to an almost bespoke level of features. There is no question on “I wonder if they could do this…” or “Will the team be willing to help us out on X?” – we rest easy knowing that, for any request big or small, Lars and the team will always be quick to answer with a solution, an offering, or some other way through any challenge we’ve presented".   "Visiontech LED remains committed to nothing short of top-tier quality and a world-class experience with every system we design & deliver, and coupled with Play’s feature lineup & all-star teams, we proudly stand with Play Digital Signage, Inc. at the forefront of what’s possible with digital signage today".

Keoni Rogers, Director of Sales & Technology at Visiontech LED Digital Displays, MO

Name: Keoni Rogers Role: Director of Sales, Technology & Marketing Company: Visiontech LED Digital Displays

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Keoni Rogers, Director of Sales & Technology at Visiontech LED Digital Displays, MO

“My name is Keoni Rogers, and I serve as the Director of Sales, Technology & Marketing at Visiontech LED Digital Displays. I have held this directorial position for three years, marking my tenure since August 2020”

“In my role, I manage a comprehensive range of responsibilities, encompassing engineering, research, and development, product quality control, dealer and vendor relations, marketing, website development, software development, component ordering, component delivery, and oversight of manufacturing processes. The list is extensive, but, as the title suggests, as the Director of Sales, Technology, and Marketing, I wear multiple hats throughout the day.”

"It was a smooth and east start. The IT administrator and I conducted initial testing of the core functionalities of Play Signage. Once we decided to formally offer Play Signage as a software choice for our displays, we took a cautious approach. We didn't immediately introduce it to the sales team; instead, we first completed a few installations in the field to establish a basic proof of concept".

"Once we were confident in the builds and the stability of Play in conjunction with Visiontech’s digital display systems, we organized an introductory team orientation meeting. During this session, we covered topics such as what Play is, how it works, its features, and more".

Visiontech LED Digital Displays Indoor LED Display with 3.9mm Pitch

"We previously operated our proprietary in-house software- which we developed internally and created three distinct versions of- that managed content creation & publishing, functioning as a point-to-point layout. Essentially, there's a publishing computer and a bridge, either wireless or fiber, leading directly into the display arrays".

"Despite technological advancements prompting changes in specific components, the fundamental roles remain consistent: a publishing computer, a method for transmitting data to the sign, the display itself, and a display controller".

"In the 2010s, there was a significant shift towards cloud-based solutions, with a widespread desire for the capability to control displays remotely from various locations".

"Clients no longer wish to confine their content management for advertising to a single location. The preference is for the flexibility to control their digital display content from various points, eliminating the need to be physically present at their business premises".

"We initiated collaboration with Dynasign, employing their point-to-point publishing system. Over a span of approximately five years, we seamlessly integrated their software into the majority of our projects. Following the retirement of our Visiontech software environment, Dynasign became the default software option for our clients”

"In the late 2010s, we started exploring cloud-based software solutions. While Dynasign did provide a cloud-based option, it was notably expensive, according to client feedback. To address this concern, we began seeking alternative companies offering cloud-based digital signage software. We conducted trials with various options, including Xibo and a few others, before discovering Play.
Our IT administrator, Casey Martin, discovered Play through a Google search. Subsequently, we reached out to Lars Normark, CEO of Play Digital Signage, Inc".

"Lars provided us with a concise overview of the software, outlined the reseller program, discussed the pricing structure, and explained the setup process".

“We ran Play alongside Xibo concurrently on several of our displays, including those of our nearby clients. This setup allowed us to swiftly deploy and address any issues that might arise, ensuring a seamless operation”

Visiontech LED Digital Displays installed an LED Pylon at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center in Springfield, MO

“The initial reaction to Play from our sales team was extremely positive. They quickly recognized that even older and less tech-savvy customers would find it easy to adopt Play".

“The ability to control it from anywhere was a major selling point. Being able to manage a $150,000 marketing investment in a giant pylon tenant sign, responsible for advertising 12 different businesses in a strip mall, and doing it easily from a laptop anywhere, was a significant advantage.”

"The sales team's response was overwhelmingly positive, and we have successfully addressed every challenge we encountered with Play thus far”.

Visiontech LED Digital Displays' new truck featuring a large LED display


"As a legacy LED manufacturer, one of the most common challenges we face involves dealing with new players in the manufacturing arena".

"Unfortunately, some of these entities source very inexpensive components from overseas, lacking proper quality control while also dodging proper federal certifications and regulations. While our component-level materials are predominantly manufactured in China, the distinction lies in the fact that we maintain oversight throughout the entire manufacturing process. We retain control over the patents and designs for the final product, ensuring that their construction adheres to our specifications and designs, and all our finished products are proudly FCC, RoHS, CE, and UL certified".

"What we encounter are instances where companies- or even individuals- purchase extremely inexpensive products overseas, affix a brand name to them, and import them for resale- without quality control regulation or required legal US FCC certification".

"For American customers, price is king! Cost is typically the aspect that initially captures attention- unless you have something remarkable, something uniquely exceptional that surpasses expectations".

"To overcome the challenge of pricing, many newer LED companies end up undercutting the market in a detrimental manner by using cheaper (and sometimes federally illegal) components, cutting corners in quality as cost-saving tactics. This misrepresentation makes it seem like manufacturing a quality product is inherently inexpensive when, in reality, it's not".

"Clients, particularly those venturing into LED technology for the first time, often encounter this issue unknowingly. LED, especially high-resolution direct-view LED video walls, is still a relatively young technology. Consequently, we frequently find ourselves facing very competitive pricing that is a direct result of companies using subpar components and processes. As we continually strive to be the benchmark in LED tech, we simply refuse to compromise on our product & service quality and have come to expect the same level of quality from ourselves, our manufacturing partners, and so forth".

"Another significant challenge we face is the issue of market reach. In today's landscape, there is a multitude of LED manufacturers; very few, however, match the historical background we possess. Our extensive history and commitment to research and development, particularly during the formative years in the mid-80s, continues to set us apart".

"However, maintaining- and expanding- our current market share becomes increasingly challenging in a saturated market with numerous players entering the space. This becomes exponentially difficult when these same new players do not adhere to the same product quality and standards we do- but advertise like they do anyways".

“Having a distinctive product with high-quality components and standout features is what sets you apart from the competition.”

“We adhere to a comprehensive design baseline across all customer-facing aspects of our products. The majority of our control systems and operation interfaces are open-source Windows-based systems. Ultimately, clients have full ownership and control over every part of the system, empowering them to tailor it according to their needs”.

"In contrast to some of our larger competitors in the LED space, many of whom operate proprietary systems, our approach is fundamentally different. If you search for LED manufacturers on Google, you'll find that several major players insist on using their own software, disallowing the installation of alternative software or retrofitting of new equipment".

"At Visiontech, we have a distinctly different perspective. When you purchase a Visiontech display system, the product you’re purchasing is a quality display that is built to serve that need before all else- without forcing you to use it a certain way. We prioritize flexibility for our clients— as a customer, you have the freedom to choose the software that aligns with your preferences, whether it's Brightsign players or Play Digital Signage".

The way we believe it is: "We are display manufacturers first and foremost. We don’t care what you, the customer, prefer to run it with- and encourage your freedom to do so! If you wish to use Brightsign players, no problem. You want to run Play Digital Signage on it? You got it. Even if you want to use your new Visiontech system as a giant gaming monitor, we’ll help make it happen".

“We don’t try to lock our clients down to a certain build, software, equipment, or OS. We even have some clients requesting Linux OS on their sign controllers, because that’s what their IT-admin prefers. A lot of manufacturers, when asked if you can use other types of equipment in their systems, the answer is NO. “You either use our software, hardware, and controllers- or you don’t buy our product.”

"We also proudly partner with Novastar, one of our key manufacturing collaborators. Novastar is responsible for manufacturing global-standard LED control and video signal conversion components, including sending cards, receiving cards, controllers, input-output, and video wall processors".

“What sets us apart is our commitment to an open-source approach for these components, providing our clients with the flexibility to choose tools and technologies that align with their specific needs. At Visiontech, we take pride in delivering versatility and choice to our clients.”

"What we discovered is that by extending such transparency and openness to our clients— assuring them that they have the freedom to install whatever they prefer on their display without any restrictions—we have found that a significant majority, around 90% of our outdoor display system clients, opt for Play Signage. It serves as the preferred choice to run their systems due to its user-friendly nature, versatility for various applications, and quick and easy learning curve.

"We include a training session on Play Signage, which I've recorded, with every digital display delivery. This session covers all the basics of the Play Signage system.”

"When presented with software choices, clients will naturally choose the system that is most user-friendly, aligns with their requirements, and is easy for their staff to use. As outlined earlier, in nearly 100% of cases our clients opt for Play when offered alongside other software options. Rather than imposing any specific software on our clients, we encourage the freedom of choice in an open-platform approach. As it perfectly fulfills all necessary criteria, our customers overwhelmingly choose Play Digital Signage; for the majority of our clients, it's a logical and natural choice."

“That is absolutely the truth- as long as you are honest and open with your clients, not only will they trust you, they’ll come back to you when they have other digital display needs, recommend other people to you, and listen to your advice and recommendations.”

Curved LED Screen From Visiontech LED Digital Displays


"What we sought in a digital signage solution was user-friendliness, the flexibility to use and control the software remotely, and the capability for individuals less experienced with computers to easily adopt and operate the system. Given the substantial investment of around $30,000 - $40,000 in a small digital display system, our clients expect not only a potent marketing tool but also a user-friendly interface. They anticipate the ability to effortlessly utilize this significant investment, teach others its operation, and foresee a seamless transition for future staff members years down the road."

Play Signage effectively solved all that with its user-friendly interface. In addition to the guide we send out with each display system, users can easily access resources through the support page at and the 24/7 LiveChat—a resource we consistently highlight to take advantage of.

PlaySignage stands out for its simplicity, ease of learning, and cloud-based functionality, enabling users to operate it from anywhere. We have experienced no points of failure with Play, and its backend management for configuring new digital displays is straightforward.

Our streamlined production workflow is a testament to the efficiency of PlaySignage. From completing display manufacturing on our production floor to moving through software setup, installation, configuration, and final quality control, we can have Play up and running for a new client in under 10 minutes. This seamless process significantly enhances our production efficiency.

High Resolution LED Screen by Highway from Visiontech LED Digital Displays


Visiontech, a branch of Boyce Industries, is a custom digital display systems designer & manufacturer, serving commercial and wholesale partners with leading-edge LED display technology solutions. Originating in Springfield, Missouri and still operating from the same location, BI was established in 1934 as a custom signage manufacturer, and Visiontech’s inception occurred in 1985.

In the late 1980s, the signage and advertising market transitioned into the digital realm, aligning with the surge in technology- particularly using incandescent lighting arrays. Essentially, today's advanced digital displays have evolved from arrays of large incandescent bulbs - the same kind historically used for household lighting. Visiontech proudly holds original patents for these display array designs.

This encompassed the development of proprietary software, as well as the intricate processes of hand-wiring and hand-soldering all components on every display. Since 1985, Visiontech has secured over 60 original patents, spanning digital display designs, components, manufacturing procedures, and quality control measures.

In 2023, Visiontech stands out as an industry leader, renowned for the exceptional quality of its LED digital displays. “We are not the largest company in the market, but our early entry has translated to unparalleled product quality and outstanding customer support”.

As of 2023, we are a small team, that focuses mainly on customer support, customizing digital display systems to meet every customer's unique requirements - nothing more, nothing less! -our approach focuses on collaborative problem-solving alongside clients, rather than simply producing and dispatching products.

As technology progressed over the years, Visiontech evolved; Starting with basic incandescent bulb signs running simple programs, we now engineer full-color, high-resolution displays powered by modern computer systems. These cutting-edge displays serve both outdoor and indoor applications, spanning across the continental United States and beyond.

"We are committed to maintaining an unparalleled level of product quality, crafting uniquely tailored display systems for each client. Above all, we prioritize our client's needs, their satisfaction, and provide lifetime support."

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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