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Play covers all our needs and provides great flexibility!

"I used the 'Find a Player' section at to figure out what media players to get, and to read about the differences, to fit our graphical needs. I needed something fairly simple and cost-effective. Play Digital Signage, Inc. is just great”.

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"I think Play Digital Signage, Inc. as a provider have a really good product. it covers all our needs, provides great options and flexibility. For the most part you guys are 80%. No company is 100%! You guys have the most we look for in this service. Customer service is great. I'm glad, its real people to talk to. Play has a great synergy."

Virginia Family Dentistry, Janella Eccleston, Marketing Manager

Name: Janella Eccleston Role: Marketing Manager Company: Virginia Family Dentistry

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Virginia Family Dentistry, Janella Eccleston, Marketing Manager

“My name is Janella Eccleston, and I am the Marketing Manager for Virginia Family Dentistry. I develop the content (playlists) and together with our IT-department, I keep all screens up to date".

Initially, the biggest challenge was to find the right players.

"I used the 'Find a Player' section at to figure out what media players to get, and to read about the differences, to fit our graphical needs. I needed something fairly simple and cost-effective.

"We chose the Google Chromecast with Google TV". The 1st screen was set up easily to test, and we loved the whole setup and decided to go with Play".

"I have a big IT department, but setting things up to test myself gives me the knowledge I need to help the clinics with their technical issues".

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Janella had seen Play being used in other places around the community, other dental practices, and local gyms, and knew she could utilize this platform better and more efficiently.

"Play was kicked off in all 16 locations at the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 hit, to inform patients about safety precautions, to promote our staff, and to present our dentist and special teams".

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The reaction to Play was mixed in the beginning! Some absolutely loved it and others did not know how to deal with it.

"When 'something tech does not work' - they get scared and just go back to regular TV. "I have taught them what to do and how to use our digital signage, so now most are comfortable and love the screens".

"The staff are creatures of habit, meaning they had to get used to the screens at first".

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Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

"The pricing structure and the 'à la carte' offerings of Play Digital Signage, Inc. are standout features that caught our attention".

"Additionally, the scheduling feature has proven to be a significant time-saver, streamlining our content management process and enhancing overall efficiency".

"Play Digital Signage, Inc. has effectively addressed our needs for affordable digital signage, flexibility, and time efficiency, making it a valuable asset for our dental pracises".


Getting away from old static paper posters. Medical practices deal with all types of people, having both platforms reaches both segments and create bigger information-flow.

"our transition to digital signage displays is not just a technological upgrade; it's a strategic response to overcome the challenges posed by outdated communication methods. Embracing this modern approach empowers us to engage more patients effectively, fostering a seamless flow of information in our ever-evolving dental care clinics".

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"We were looking for a platform that could promptly deliver instant knowledge and effortlessly manage event scheduling. Play Digital Signage, Inc. quickly appeared as the perfect digital signage solution".

"We sought a system where events could be seamlessly scheduled, ensuring timely and reinforcing information delivery. With Play Digital Signage, Inc. meet our requirements! It is an intuitive platform that allows us to stay ahead in keeping our patients engaged. The ability to schedule events without constant oversight has streamlined our operations, providing an effective and efficient way of spreading the important messages on our screens".

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Virginia Family Dentistry, were founded in 1974 by Dr. Baxter Perkinson. Over the past 45-plus years, our small dental office has evolved into a multi-location and multi-specialty group practice.

"As we expanded, we now operate 16 locations around Richmond, Virginia, boasting a team of over 60 dentists and specialists. Our journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing comprehensive dental care to the communities we serve".

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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It’s time you take it for a spin

Play Digital Signage is completely free to create an account, with no upfront costs or credit card required. Sign up now and explore the potential of our powerful digital signage software. Or, book a demo to experience a personalized walkthrough of our platform and its capabilities.

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