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Lone Star Blower and Compressor

Play Digital Signage is a reliable partner that provides  excellent digital signage 

"Our experience with Play Digital Signage and their customer support and service has been exceptional. They have been responsive and helpful whenever we've had questions or needed assistance".

Centrifugal By Lone Star Blower and Compressor

In a few words

“Play Digital Signage is a reliable partner that provides an excellent digital signage solution tailored to our manufacturing needs. The software has proven to be a valuable asset in improving communication and efficiency within our organization.”

Gabriel Trubi, System Administrator, Lone Star Blower and Compressor.

Name: Gabriel Trubi Role: System Administrator Company: Lone Star Blower and Compressor

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Gabriel Trubi, System Administrator, Lone Star Blower and Compressor.

Can you describe your role?

“My name is Gabriel Trubi. As a System Administrator at Lone Star Blower, my primary responsibility is to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure within the organization. This includes overseeing the network, servers, and computer systems to ensure they operate efficiently and securely. Additionally, I am responsible for implementing and managing digital solutions that improve our company's operations.”.

How easy was it to get started with Play Digital Signage?

“Getting started with Play Digital Signage was straightforward. The platform's user-friendly interface and helpful documentation made the initial setup and content creation process smooth”.

Industrial Rentals offered by Lone Star Blower and Compressor

How did you first hear about Play Digital Signage?

"I conducted an online search, using Google to read reviews. After careful consideration, I opted to try out the product/service"

Lone Star Blower and Compressor advancing military technology throughout the Cold War era

What was the initial reaction to PLAY?

“The initial reaction to Play Digital Signage was overwhelmingly positive. Employees appreciated the modern and engaging way information was presented, and it quickly became a valuable tool for communication.”

High-Performance Blower from Lone Star Blower and Compressor

Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

“We chose Play Digital Signage because it was easy to use, and the range of features it offered that aligned with our specific needs".


"Common challenges in our industry include maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring workplace safety, and effectively communicating information to employees and visitors".

Industrial Centrifugal From Lone Star Blower and Compressor


"We were looking for a user-friendly digital signage solution that could seamlessly integrate with our existing systems and allow us to easily create and manage content. Play Digital Signage met these criteria".

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Lone Star Blower is a reputable manufacturing company that specializes in producing high-quality blowers and compressors. Our company has a long-standing history of delivering innovative and reliable solutions to meet the unique needs of various industries, including industrial, commercial, and manufacturing sectors.

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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“It can get very confusing when a lot is happening all the time, and Play solved it all. It was straightforward, with no extra fees, no middlemen, and no long contracts. It’s just there, and you pay for your usage. Just simple. Play simply get things done ... ”

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“I wanted a system, where we, among many feature requests, could create a main account with multiple sub-teams for each individual department of the University. I wanted a cloud-based solution, where every department could publish their own content and manage their own ... ”

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