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First Bankers Trust Company, N.A.

Play is intuitive and simple, and it just works!

"It's very user-friendly, and provides me with all the tools I need from a digital signage solution, to communicate effectively. The price versus what you get is impressive. And you are not bound by a contract".

Main Office Building at First Bankers Trust Company, IL

In a few words

“I was looking for a digital signage software that was user-friendly, intuitive, and where I could integrate our digital signage, which is very important to us. Play Digital Signage, Inc. gave me just that. And the price is very good.”

First Bankers Trust Company Representative

Name: Kyle Beckman Role: Marketing Director Company: First Bankers Trust Company, N.A.

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First Bankers Trust Company Representative

“My Name is Kyle Beckman. I’m the Director of Marketing at First Bankers Trust Company, N.A. I manage and control all content on the screens in all 11 locations. I’m the only one who has access to Play, and I must say, I really appreciate it”.

“It was just simple from the start, adding and connecting the screens, creating content, creating groups and schedules – and then it just worked.”

First Bankers Trust Company Supports local Illinois NFL team The Chicago Bears

“I found Play Digital Signage, Inc. via Google search. Before implementing Play Digital Signage, I tried other digital signage providers, with no success”.

First Bankers Trust Company provides Online Banking services for both individual and business clients

"I am the only one controlling the screens and creating content, so besides the customers and the staff, who love the screens, there have not been any internal reactions regarding working in Play".

"I am keeping all the secrets to himself :)

Local Branches of First Bankers Trust Company

Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

“Play Digital Signage, Inc. was chosen because of its effectiveness, it is a cloud-based solution where I can work from anywhere and publish to all of our screens.”

“It’s easy to figure out, the interface is very clean and elegant, it’s user-friendly and flexible – and the price structure is excellent! – You get the most for your money. Play Digital Signage, Inc. just works. It’s very liable!”


“One of the common challenges in the banking industry is, to increase effective communication with customers. It’s not easy to build trust and connect with the communities. And we need our customers to trust that we can help them. Play is a big part in that!”

First Bankers Trust Company, Vault Under Ground


“I was looking for a cloud-based digital signage solution that could integrate with our social media, update in real-time, and update all screens at once. All in a system that was intuitive. Play Digital Signage delivers precisely that!”

“Generally, it has helped us communicate better with customers, and the information on the screens actually gets seen, as the visually exciting content catches their attention on a whole new level”.

“We use videos to communicate our messages, and people are loving it. It gives us much better communication quality”

First Bankers Trust Company, A Modern Bank With Mobile APP for Top Level Customer Experience and Convenience


Founded in 1946, First Bankers Trust Company, N.A. has been a pillar of financial stability and community service. Established in Quincy, Illinois, the bank has a rich history of providing comprehensive financial solutions to individuals, businesses, and communities.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical banking practices, First Bankers Trust has evolved into a trusted financial partner over the years. Guided by a dedication to innovation and personalized service, the bank has adapted to the changing financial landscape while maintaining its core values.

Today, First Bankers Trust continues to play a vital role in supporting the financial well-being of its customers and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the regions it serves.

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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