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Play has proven to be the best signage solution for us

"I called Anthony, a good friend at Viejas Resort & Casino in San Diego, we go way back, probably 15 years, He told me about Play. I checked it out, at the beginning of 2020, we set up test systems, and we really liked it. We have used Play ever since”

Activate The Space LED screen showcasing Nike in New York

In a few words

“Play Digital Signage, Inc. has been a wonderful company to work with, very affordable – it is the most affordable and adapterable system we have, and the software is incredibly reliable and simple to use. We love working with you guys.

President & Co-founder of Activate The Space, Brad Eisenhaure

Name: Brad Eisenhaure Role: President & Co-founder Company: Activate The Space

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President & Co-founder of Activate The Space, Brad Eisenhaure

“My name is Brad Eisenhaure, Im president and one of the founders of Activate The Space”.

“Chris Pelzar started the company and he brought me in as a partner. It was just us two for a while, and then we started to grow and grow. Today we have about over 15 people working for us, some contractors, and most are full-time. We have just opened an office in Orlando, Florida”.

“We started a new division called ATS Pro, a distribution company, mostly LED boards. We are an exclusive distributor of Taylorleds, which is a LED Manufacture in China, and Sprolink. We have sales teams in every state we just sell a ton of LED Walls”.

“I handle the technology and the sales. My background is in film, so that is my thing, and Chris is more on the architectural side of it and building the actual physical products. “I’m digital, he’s analog” 🙂 “

"It was super easy getting started. I was in contact with Lars Normark, CEO of Play Digital Signage., about testing the software and becoming a reseller. The rest is kind of history. Play has proven to be the best solution for us, and with the help from the developer team, everything is just running smoothly".

Activate The Space 4mm dvLED wall displayed at Footlocker on 34th Street in New York City

“It was actually one of my old customers, who use Play Digital Signage, who recommended it to me”.

"We are always looking for products to sell along with these LEDs and that’s where Play Digital Signage comes in”.

“I called Anthony San Pietro, a good friend at Viejas Resort & Casino in San Diego, we go way back, probably 15 years, He told me about Play Digital Signage. I checked it out, at the beginning of 2020, we set up test systems, and we really liked it. We have used Play ever since and Play is our most recommended software”

Activate The Space LED screen featured at the Under Armour store in Chicago

“Everybody loves it. It’s user-friendly, the interface is elegant and it works great for all purposes. Today, Play is our most used digital signage software. It is installed in 99% of our productions”.

Activate The Space Installs 2.4mm and 4mm dvLED Screens at the Under Armour Flagship Store in Boston

Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

“We had been looking for an alternative to SignageLive for some time. SignageLive is another digital signage software provider, we have been offering to our customers. But SignageLive is just more complicated than ease of use".

"Play Digital Signage stands out for its user-friendly interface, compatibility with various players, and seamless functionality. And whenever we have issues or new challanges with players, or something else, the Play Digital Signage developer team promptly collaborates with us to find solutions. Their commitment ensures it works smoothly, one way or another."


"As a Reseller, our biggest challenge currently involves synchronizing players as LED board resolutions continue to advance, reaching 4K and even 8K. The challenge lies in adapting media players to handle such high-resolution content effectively. 8K is the latest challenge. The signage companies are falling behind on playback technologies".

Huge LED Wall with Travis Kelce as Model by Activate The Space


“Play signage is the easiest system we have used. It’s a good clean interface, and it’s straightforward to follow. When we sell LED screens to people that don’t really know anything about digital signage, we always recommend Play”.

” –the fact, that our customers can just buy an amazon firestick at best buy and get started is brilliant and easy for everyone. It’s perfect”.

Light Therapy in Open Space by Activate The Space


Founded in 2009, Activate The Space has been a pioneering force in the audio-visual and experiential design industry. Established by industry veterans Brad Parler and Michael T. Fay, the company set out with a mission to create immersive and engaging environments using cutting-edge technology.

Activate The Space quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to merging audio, video, and interactive elements in architectural spaces. With a focus on enhancing brand experiences and creating memorable moments, Activate The Space has delivered impactful solutions for a diverse range of clients, spanning retail, hospitality, corporate, and entertainment sectors.

Their expertise lies in crafting seamless and captivating installations, incorporating the latest AV technologies to elevate physical spaces. Over the years, Activate The Space has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner for those seeking to transform spaces into dynamic, sensory-rich environments.

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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