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Real Estate Digital Signage Attracts Business & Sell Homes

Blogpost was published on July 30, 2021

Signage, in general, plays a large role in the real estate world. From for-sale signs to property listings and personal advertisements of you and your brand, there is a lot of information to get out to the public in the real estate industry. Signage overall has come a long way over the years, starting as printed generic signs that could be reused and morphing into custom printed signage, but now real estate digital signage software is another way that takes the industry to a new level.

Real estate signage is all about attracting more businesses to list and sell homes. Well, generic printed signage just doesn’t meet expectations anymore, and the competition in the real estate market is higher than ever. 

Now digital signage has become the mainstream due to its ability to attract more business and sell more homes. Here’s why you should jump on the real estate digital signage bandwagon. 

Digital Signage and Real Estate Is A Perfect Match For Attracting and Upping Sales

Save Time and Money with Real Estate Digital Signage

Though going digital seems like it would cost a fortune, it can actually save you money when looking at it from a long-term perspective. Sure, digital signage might cost more than a printed banner to get up and running in the beginning, but there’s a big difference between the two. 

Unless you are using the same signage for every scenario, which we already established is outdated, you have to design and print your custom signage for every home or task on your list. After a while, this adds up not only to cost but with time too because you have to wait on printers, pick up the signs, and then hang them yourself. 

With digital signage, you would simply have to update your digital signage, which on a cloud-based system, can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That is a great added benefit because, as you know, real estate agents are always on the go. With digital signage, there is no rehanging or having to go pick up signs. Additionally, you don’t even have to purchase anything new when it is time to update information. 

To streamline the process even further, features such as pre-designed templates and saved playlists can save you time in having to come up with a new concept for every listing. Simply fill in the new information, and you are good to go. Or, if you know when a new home is coming to market, you can use the scheduling feature to create your content ahead of time and have it posted on the day the home becomes available.  

Improve Attraction

Attracting buyers and sellers is the core of the real estate business. After all, without them, there would be no business at all. Real estate digital signage can help you attract buyers and sellers more effectively. 

Digital signage is brighter, more attention-grabbing, and appealing. You can display active listings with high-definition photos and videos and show off your social media presence to prove you have what it takes to sell them a home. Pictures show up much crisper and accurately on digital signage, making it much more enticing for buyers and sellers to take a look. 

Additionally, digital screens are easy to read. Digital signage is “in your face” in the best way. It is hard to miss, whereas it is much easier to walk by a poster without even realizing it. This is why even billboards have gone digital- passersby were shown in a study to be able to recall digital billboards more frequently. This applies to all digital signage, including those screens for real estate purposes.

There is also the aspect of being able to include videos which traditional signage cannot do. You can show more of the property on screen with digital signage attracting many more buyers and sellers than just a poster with a few words and a picture could do. 


To make the conversion from a potential buyer or seller to money in your pocket, you not only have to attract buyers and sellers, but you have to engage them too. So what’s stopping them from just going with someone else once you have attracted them?

Engage your buyers or sellers once you have attracted them with real estate digital signage. There are a few reasons why digital signage helps with engagement. 

For one, you can present your listings in the best light. Buyers and sellers appreciate that but for different reasons. Buyers like to see the potential and like that the house looks like it does on the screen, but sellers like it too because they want buyers to see the house how they see it and be interested in buying it. 

Again, high-definition pictures, videos, and the ability to put more detailed information on a screen rather than a dingy poster helps you show every home in the best light, further engaging both buyers and sellers to go with you as an agent. 

There are also other features that digital signage offers real estate agents to engage buyers and sellers. Some of these include touchscreens and plugins

Touchscreens are hands-on, which makes them engaging. Give your buyers a virtual tour that they can navigate through on a tablet or allow them to scroll through your listings at their own pace and see every picture as many times as they want. 

Plugins can engage your customers by providing them with additional useful information or entertainment. Examples of plugins include the weather so they know it's a nice day to tour a home, social media plugins so that they can see the behind the scenes or join your journey, or even personalizing their experience by using a countdown timer to show them how long until closing and get them excited. With the customization options and easy updates, you can personalize real estate digital signage to your buyers to further engage them. 

Build Trust with Real Estate Digital Signage

As we have established, you can include far more with digital signage than you can with traditional signage. One of these added things is testimonials. 

People love testimonials because they want to know that the people that came before them found success with you. You might be able to fit a testimonial or two on a poster, but with real estate digital signage, you can have either an entire page in your playlist or scrolling testimonials at the bottom of the screen. 

We mentioned earlier about the social media plugins for all popular social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more which we pointed out can engage your buyers. However, social media also builds trust. This is because, with a large social media following, it almost serves the same purpose as testimonials. Large social media followings show that others believe in what you do and are willing to keep up with what you’re doing. Putting your social media in your digital signage lineup is a great way for them to tag along and gain interest and build trust by seeing others who interact with you. It also makes you more personable, which builds trust as well.

Additionally, if you are up with the times, they will subconsciously trust that you have all of the current tools and information to be able to get them a house or sell their property. 

Keep Up with Your Demographic

Keeping up with your demographic is an essential business practice. Applying this to real estate digital signage might not be so obvious to some; however, it is important nonetheless. 

Nowadays, the demographic that is buying homes is younger. Of course, we’re not talking about teens, but rather the millennial generation who are young to mid-twenties to thirties. The millennial generation was raised as technology came about, and therefore they are very used to having technology in several aspects of their life. Because of this, they expect the latest and greatest technology in everything that they put their money towards. It is a generation that always wants to be on the cusp of what is coming next. With this in mind, you should be keeping up with your demographic in the way that you should be using technology to its full potential if you expect them to buy or sell with you. 

Real estate digital signage is one way to implement this concept. After all, you would be showing them the information they need in the way that they are used to getting their information. Younger buyers mean that you have to appeal to them, and what appeals to them is technology, advancement, efficiency, and engagement. Real estate digital signage allows you to hit all of these points. 

Play Digital Signage Can Help with Real Estate Digital Signage

All of the features we have pointed out of digital signage are available with Play Digital Signage which is a cloud-based digital signage software with a built-in content editor. Play Digital Signage can help you implement real estate digital signage to attract more business and sell more homes. Check out the long list of features here. Additionally, if you need some digital signage content ideas, we have you covered. 

Ready to Get Started with Real Estate Digital Signage?

  1. Sign up here. Enter some basic information and gain access to our software and content editor. 
  2. Pick a player. We have done some of the research for you for this step. Find our list of the best players for any budget here
  3. Choose your screen. Play Digital Signage works with any screen size, so choose the one that will work best for you. Just keep in mind that if you go with a touchscreen, you won’t need a player since they are built-in, and you can download the Play Digital Signage App.

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