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Hotel Digital Signage Improves Guest Experience & Engagement

Blogpost was published on August 30, 2021

In this article, we take a closer look at how hotel digital signage can help improve guest experience and engagement. Hotels are always looking for ways to improve their guest experience. After all, when guests have a wonderful stay at an establishment it leads to future business, higher ratings, and therefore, increases in nightly rates. 

Digital signage is one of the best ways to improve guest experience and engagement due to its versatility, customization options, and vital information it can provide. Though digital signage is not a new technology, the hospitality industry hasn’t adapted to using it to its full potential. Digital signage can be more than just a welcome sign. In fact, it can be used in a variety of ways to improve guest experience and engagement. 

Let’s go over some ways to implement hotel digital signage, a few placement ideas, and further details on the benefits we mentioned. 

Elevate Guest Satisfaction with Enhanced Hotel Digital Signage

Streamline the Check-In Process with Hotel Digital Signage

One of the most troubling parts of staying in a hotel for guests is the check-in process. Even though the check-in process is inconvenient, the hotel must collect this information. Hotel digital signage is an excellent way to mitigate and streamline the check-in process. Touchscreens like tablets can aid in gathering information while guests are waiting so that when personnel is ready to help, the process goes much quicker. It also makes the time pass faster for the waiting guests and keeps their information more private than them saying it out loud to the staff. 

Keep Guests Going to the Right Place

Many hotels are multi-building properties with several amenity facilities which can make it difficult for guests to know where they are going. Printed signs hung around the hotel can help, but they can distract from the well-thought-out decor that provides the luxury feel. Digital Wayfinder maps can provide an interactive, attractive, and clear way to guide patients to where they are going. You can even make them touchscreen so that they can see the entire property and move the map around to see all the things that they want to do during their stay. 

Inform Guests of Amenities and Events

Hotels are always adding more and more amenities and events to entertain their guests and improve their experience. However, any of the amenities or events won’t have much effect if the guests don’t know about it. Using hotel digital signage to get pertinent information out to guests ensures that they have all the information that they need to have a great stay without having to search too hard. Of course like with Wayfinders, you could make these digital signs a touchscreen so guests can interact with them and be more engaged with their stay. 

Concierge Assitance

Along the lines of amenities and events, not only can hotel digital signage help guests be informed of their options, but touchscreen signage can enable them to quickly schedule activities, almost acting as a digital concierge service. For instance, a guest could schedule their own spa day without having to wait for staff to be available at a time that is convenient for them. Additionally, they could make a reservation at the hotel restaurant. Help your guests plan their stay using interactive digital signage. 

Entertain Guests While They Wait

No one likes to wait, especially when there is nothing to do. Entertain your guests while they wait with digital screens that display attention-grabbing graphics, essential information, and entertainment like live social media feeds and countdowns to the next big event. If your waiting guests have something to look at the time will pass much faster and they will have higher satisfaction.

Build Excitement

When guests are on vacation, a good hotel should build excitement. One way to do this is by displaying gorgeous high-definition photos of the property and the surrounding area. Showing pictures of the amenities, gorgeous rooms, and things they can do in the area will increase their excitement about what’s to come and encourage them to engage and participate. 

Live Weather Updates

While on a trip, guests need to know what kind of weather they are expecting. Hotel digital signage allows your guests to see live weather updates located in convenient places like the lobby. Since hotel digital signage connects to Wifi, it automatically updates in real time to keep up with the ever-changing weather.

Guest Protection

One of the important ways that you can use hotel digital signage is for guest protection. Digital signage can act as a property-wide emergency communication system using conditional “if, then” settings. During emergency events such as a fire, the system can be implemented to covey vital instructions to guests like how to evacuate. Though you hope that you never have to use this feature, hotel digital signage is a great way to ensure that you have guest protection protocols in place just in case.

Ideas For Hotel Digital Signage Placement

We have gone over some different ways to use hotel signage to improve guest experience and engagement, but there are more places to implement it than just in the lobby. 

Of course, the lobby is a great place to start with hotel digital signage. The lobby is somewhere that all guests will see which means that if you only have one screen, the lobby is the best for visibility. 

In addition to the lobby, here are some other ideas for hotel digital signage placement. 

  • Near the elevators
  • In guest rooms
  • Around entrances and exits
  • In conference rooms
  • Lining hallways
  • Near popular amenities like the pool

Benefits of Hotel Digital Signage

These hotel digital signage use cases demonstrate the wide versatility, however, digital signage, in general, has some benefits that make it even better for the hospitality industry.

Modern Hotel Digital Signage

In the hospitality industry, there is a lot of competition to be the most luxurious and the most modern. Digital signage shows that your property is up to date with technology and contributes positively to a modern aesthetic. Sleek, minimalist screens bring an edge of luxury to anywhere that you put them. Dress up conference halls, the lobby, or even a bland guest room with digital signage.

Customizable Hotel Digital Signage

No matter your hotel’s individual needs, digital signage can be customized to fit them. Digital signage can be any size, touchscreen or visual, include your custom branding, and more. There are a plethora of digital signage features. With so many features, digital signage is the most customizable signage solution.

Engaging Hotel Digital Signage

Digital signage has proved to be more engaging than traditional print signage. This is a great benefit for the hotel industry because it makes hotels with digital signage stand out from the rest. With the bright graphics, high-definition photos and videos, and touchscreen options, it is far more likely that guests will engage with digital signage overprint signage. 

Easy Updates Hotel Digital Signage

Everything is constantly changing in the hospitality industry. From rooms filling up to changes in activities. Digital signage provides a way to easily update the information you are getting out to guests from anywhere at any time. Additionally, if you know that certain information will change at a certain time, you can schedule it to update automatically which is a big time-saver in a busy environment.

Get Started with Play Digital Signage

Hotel digital signage improves guest experience and engagement, but the first step in taking advantage of its many benefits is to choose a digital signage software that can adapt to your needs. Play Digital Signage has a built-in content editor for convenience and is one of the best digital signage software on the market. Get started with Play Digital Signage in three easy steps. 

Sign Up

First, sign up at We’ll only ask you a few simple questions like your name and email. Unlike other companies, we offer one or more trial screens which means that we don’t collect credit card information until you have seen the benefits of what our powerful software can provide. 

Select a Screen

Next, choose the size of your screen. With Play Digital Signage, our software can accommodate any screen size from large LED to small tablet touchscreens. 

Pick a Player

Finally, pick your player. The player is what connects the software to the screen. Though there are a lot of player options to choose from, we have done the research for you. Check out our list of players including compatibility information in three budget sectors so you can find one that is best for your needs.

Improve Guest Experience and Engagement

Digital signage is one of the best ways to improve guest experience and engagement. An engaging guest experience increases hotel ratings and nightly rates which is always a goal of successful hotels. Implement digital signage in your hospitality business today and see what it can do.

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