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La Triennale di Milano

Every environment can use Play, it's so versatile! 

“Our guests love the screens! The feedback from the guests and the increased usage of the touch screens have been amazing! -not to forget, they are a great addition and support to the whole staff”.

Triennale in Milano

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"Play is simple, effective, open, cloud-based, and easy to use. Every environment can use Play, it is so easy to add in every context. We absolutely love Play Digital Signage"

 Dario Zampiron, Design Manager at Triennale di Milano

Name: Dario Zampiron Role: Design Manager Company: The Triennale di Milano

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 Dario Zampiron, Design Manager at Triennale di Milano

“My name is Dario Zampiron; I’m the design manager at The Triennale di Milano. I have followed the project from the beginning and the main reason why digital signage has become a big part of our exhibits. I handle the content of the screens; way-finders, cultural offers, tickets info, and incorporating the screens into an active part of the exhibition”.

“It was pretty easy getting started, figuring out how to design the playlists and publish creative content. I learned how to work around Play very fast. “I love that I can easily change and update the content when needed. Even the touchscreens work great”

 The exhibition at Triennale di Milano featuring digital signage

“I started by evaluating different digital signage solutions, other institutions had suggested, but none of them lived up to our expectations. Our setups are very complex. Via Google search, I found a match in Play Digital Signage, inc.”

Solar exhibition at Triennale di Milano

“Our guests love the screens!
The feedback from the guests and the increased usage of the touch screens have been amazing! -not to forget, they are a great addition and support to the whole staff”.

 Wayfinder screens at the Triennale di Milano exhibition

Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

“It’s much more simple, more cost-effective, and more intuitive. Other services did not offer feedback/support and were complicated to set up – and much more expensive. Play is user-friendly, price-friendly and I love it!”


“We have previously used physical signs and posters, but they never caught much attention from the visitors”.

“There has always been a strong demand for information and way-finders, but the results of printed signs could not justify the time and money spent”.

“Now with our digital signage solution, strategically placed all over the area, people are actually paying attention to information about events, where to go, and how to explore. It’s a massive workload relief, and all our guests love the artistic screens so much, that they are often part of group photos and selfies”.

Digital Signage is also art


"We sought a cloud-based digital signage solution that could adapt to various needs. I required a system for scheduling playlists and assigning roles across different departments like the ticket office, mapping team, concert info, exhibitions, kiosks, and general info. Play Digital Signage addressed all our requirements, and we're thoroughly pleased with the solution".

"Everything used to be outdated with paper posters, maps, and constantly changing menus, causing waste and stress. Play Digital Signage allowed me to centralize information and swiftly update playlists. Plus, with scheduling capabilities, I can prepare content in advance and let Play work its magic".

"The transformation has streamlined our operations and brought efficiency to our communication processes".

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The Milan Triennial (Triennale di Milano) is a triennial art and design exhibition held at the Triennale di Milano Museum in Milan, Italy, showcasing the latest in artistic and design innovations. La Triennale di Milano, established in 1923, has evolved into a global cultural beacon, notably recognized for hosting the Milan Triennial Exhibition every three years.

Originally focused on Italian decorative arts, it has grown to showcase cutting-edge developments in art, design, and architecture on an international stage.

The institution's iconic home, Palazzo dell'Arte, was designed by the renowned Italian architect Giovanni Muzio and completed in 1933. Muzio, a key figure in the Rationalist movement, infused the building with clean lines and geometric precision, contributing to the architectural landscape of Milan.

The Palazzo dell'Arte stands as a testament to Muzio's vision, serving not only as a venue for cultural events but also as an architectural gem embodying the principles of Rationalist design. Today, Triennale di Milano continues to play a vital role in fostering creative dialogue and cultural exchange, perpetuating its legacy in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Milan.

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