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Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc.

We love Play. Our success is their success

"We were looking for a system that was intuitive, user-friendly, had a great scheduling feature, and just worked. We also looked for a digital signage solution, where we could centralize everything and easily update content, in all 3 other locations without spending time on going there in person".

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In a few words

"What I enjoy about Play is, that I did not know i needed all Play's features so much, before I discovered what I could really do with them. Our success is their success."

Charles Anthony, President of Operations at Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc.

Name: Charles Anthony Role: President of Operations Company: Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc.

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Charles Anthony, President of Operations at Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc.

"My name is Charles Anthony. I am the President of Operations here at Allan's Coffee & Tea Inc. I wear many hats, overseeing wholesale, retail, and daily planning to ensure smooth operations. We all have to pitch in and do our part to make ends meet. It creates a great and strong teamwork, which I absolutely value highly!"

"Within an hour, Play was up and running. I watched the "Getting Started" videos on, and the instructions were straightforward. Scheduling content was a breeze – set it up once, and it runs seamlessly. I rate it 10/10 for user-friendliness".

Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc. Crafting a Cafe Latte

"After trying various digital signage platforms, I encountered reliability issues. Through Google searches, I discovered Play Digital Signage and spoke with CEO Lars Normark Holmgaard via live chat on".

"With a free trial and valuable setup guidance, I found Play easy to use, especially for our digital menus".

Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc. Espresso Machines Ready to Brew Exceptional Coffee

"I started out using Play for my own needs, but now I've brought in three employees to handle design tasks. They're thrilled with Play and enjoy crafting playlists and designs."

"I believe in empowering my team, so I've given them more responsibility, from taking photos to managing social media. I set up individual accounts for them effortlessly, and now both customers and employees love the screens. It's a win-win!"

Allan’s Coffee & Tea Inc. Brewing an Cafe Americano

Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

"The competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, excellent support, and comprehensive support site with written and video tutorials make it easy to get started. Having the flexibility to choose any player was a significant advantage!"

"In our HQ, we use three 72" regular TVs from Costco for all store decorations. This saves money and time, providing a cost-effective and straightforward way to create a dynamic atmosphere, reflect seasonal changes, or add holiday spirit. Additionally, the ability to design elements in other programs and upload them to Play adds to the simplicity and fun!"


"The expense, material waste, inefficiency, and workload associated with paper signs were unsustainable. Investing in TV screens and FireTV-sticks made more sense. Printed posters were ineffective and unnoticed by customers."

"I tested Play with challenging content at our HQ, and it proved robust. Consequently, I extended Play to all locations. The digital signage setup significantly outperforms the ongoing costs of paper menus!"

Digital Signage at Allans Coffee and Tea


"We sought an intuitive, user-friendly system with excellent scheduling features that simply worked, regardless of the content on the screens. Additionally, we wanted a centralized system to effortlessly update content across locations without the need for in-person visits. And that was exactly what we god with Play, and much more"

Coffee and Cake at Allans Coffee and Tea


Allan's Coffee & Tea is a old family business. The history dates back to the 1970's, on Allan's journey to Europe, where he discovered a much better quality in coffee and service, -and brought it with him back to Oregon, where he started roasting coffee himself and supplying local restaurants with his unique blends. He opened coffee stands all around Oregon and put his coffee on the map for good. There are 3 cafes today, 2 in Albany and 1 in Eugene.

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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