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Stonewater Church

I love Play, the whole church loves Play! It has changed our lives here forever. I will recommend Play to everyone I meet!

“We’re a church of imperfect people. We are rough around the edges and about as real and ordinary as you’ll find. That’s how we know that what’s happening at StoneWater is purely a work of God”

StoneWater Church In Granbury, Texas

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“I love Play, the whole church loves Play! It has changed our lives here forever. I will recommend Play to everyone I meet”

Technical Expert at StoneWater Church: Jackie Solomon

Name: Jackie Solomon Role: Technical Expert Company: StoneWater Church

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Technical Expert at StoneWater Church: Jackie Solomon

”My name is Jackie Solomon. I’m the technical expert at StoneWater Church. I’ll be the one who finds creative ways to utilize technology and make our church more efficient with great technology. I have been playing around with digital signage since 2007, when I first put digital signage on a train, going from Dallas to Fort Worth, in Texas”.

Jackie is the man who teaches everyone else in the church communities, how to use Play Digital Signage, Inc., and shows them how they easily can use it in their daily work.

Jackie is the enthusiast, who comes up with new ways to incorporate Play Digital Signage, Inc. in different aspects of their church: “I have incorporated Play Digital Signage, Inc. to broadcast all speeches to other campuses, creating video walls, multi-channel digital signage, room signage, and placing multiple careens next to each other, to form a videowall with running content”.

“It was just easy getting started; with the help of the Live Chat, very well-documented articles/guides, and video tutorials, I was able to set up everything by myself very fast; the content, schedules, creating touch screens, using everything Play has to offer”.

“I cannot express enough how much the assistance from Play Digital Signage, Inc. support team, has meant to me, during the whole process. And even more, the ‘help’ section at where I found almost every answer to my questions”.

"Most importantly; 'the help articles are not 300 pages long. They are short, precise, and very helpful!“

"When we have technical demanding questions, I always get an honest reply on the Live Chat, even when the answer sometimes was no..." :)

Jackie explains; “I have had many good chats with Lars Normark, CEO of Play Digital Signage, Inc., who helped me set the whole thing up from the beginning. He’s always very solution-orientated and creative when it comes to the usage of Play, which we appreciate very much“

Baptism at Stonewater Church symbolizes a Christian's identification with Jesus, the universal church, and the local church

” I discovered Play Digital Signage, Inc. back in 2017 when I was on the verge of giving up, looking for digital signage solutions. The solutions were either too expensive, did not have the features I needed, or simply too complex to figure out. I have brought Play with him ever since, and I'm recommending Play Digital Signage, Inc. to all I meet, who need a digital signage solution”.

Fellowship and Worship at Stonewater Church

"The leaders at StoneWater Church loved it. To begin with, they had a “wait and see” approach, but once I showed them what Play Digital Signage, Inc. had to offer, they were sold on the idea and began to get creative. And that’s how the “Room Signage idea” was born. Since then we have implemented Play Digital Signage, Inc. in every aspect of our communication and in all 5 (soon 6) locations"

Stonewater Church uses digital signage to broadcast services directly to all of its additional locations

Why did you choose Play Digital Signage?

“That’s easy to answer: Flexibility to do everything in 1 system, cost, and versatility – It’s just EASY to work with Play Digital Signage, Inc… It’s EASY to get started and EASY to understand. It can be complex when we need it to be – but it is always straightforward to figure out how to use Play in the different situations we have had”

“I was basically looking for a digital signage solution, where I would be able to instruct others on how to work the content easily and pass that assignment along, which has helped me enormously in his daily work”.

“I love the function of delegating roles to team members and giving different people different access/levels of permission without having to worry about anything”.

Scheduling the content is one of Jackies favorite functions as well. To begin with, he just had to get the feeling of how easy scheduling was, and from there it was very self-explanatory and intuitive making everything automatic. A huge time saver!

Pixabay, Unsplash, and Giphy give access to all the royalty-free content from inside the software.

“You don’t have to go to google and look for images and be nervous about using those images. You have everything you need right there in the editor. It’s just there and you actually get things done”

"I'm also a frequent user of the ‘Find a Player‘ option on I am reading up on what kind of players we should be looking for when having a specific need, fx. when we started working on our 2 big video walls, or the multi-digital signage channel system I built using 6 Amazon FireTV Sticks and COAX cables".


Churches run a very lean budget, and is therefore very lean with technology. All the budget is used to work outside the church, on spreading the ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ’.

“Getting the approval for digital signage was hard, but when I showed the leaders, how much value the church could benefit from using Play Digital Signage, Inc., they just fell in love with the platform and have since implemented Video walls, created ‘room signage’ in every room, and touch screens are being implemented as well".

Having different campuses and multiple churches within the StoneWater Church community, it is very important to have a good communication flow, with both the community and everybody associated with the church

"Before Play Digital Signage, Inc. we just had TVs with Chrome Cast players, that were just showing static images, now we have the mest advanced network of up-to-date information, creative interactive touchscreens, live broadcasts and images shown from all over events, and our members love it".

"All the digital signage systems we have tried were just too technical, and it was very hard to navigate, even for a person with a lot of digital signage experience".

"Play Digital Signage, Inc. is just easy, simple, and very effective".

Digital Signage Welcome Screen At Stonewater Church


At StoneWater Church we were looking for a system with high versatility.

"We needed a system where we could schedule our content, assign different roles to people with different levels of access, and also a system that would allow us to broadcast Live services to all locations".

"At StoneWater Church, we were looking for a highly versatile digital signage solution, to meet our diverse needs. Our requirements included the ability to schedule content seamlessly, assign various roles with different access levels, and broadcast live services across all our locations.

With Play, we efficiently manage content delivery, empower different team members with specific responsibilities, and ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for our congregations during live services.

"Play has revolutionized our ability to connect, share, and broadcast messages throughout the StoneWater community. It has elevated our church's communication by seamlessly by scheduling playlists, managing roles, and designing content for optimal engagement. It's like Play's versatile features are tailored to meet our unique needs at StoneWater Church."

LED Wall in Coffee Area at Stonewater Church


"StoneWater Church was founded in 2005 by 2 brothers. They started out in a private home, moved to a bit bigger house, to an old movie theater, and then rented a part of a deserted Walmart building. The church ended up buying the whole 80.000 sqft—building, which today is the StoneWater Granbury campus of their church".

There are already 5 other campuses/churches in relation to StoneWater Church; StoneWater Glen Rose, StoneWater Cleburne, StoneWater Tolar StoneWater Godley and Stonewater Snyder.

The slogan is “No perfect people allowed” which translates the message that everybody and everyone is welcome; Men, Women, and children. Today the church has 1.500 active members.

For StoneWater Church it’s all about creating a loving and forgiving community, connecting with people, and schools, helping families, and much more.

“If you’re looking for the perfect church or perfect people, then keep looking because you won’t find them at StoneWater. We’re a church of imperfect people. We are rough around the edges and about as real and ordinary as you’ll find. That’s how we know that what’s happening at StoneWater is purely a work of God. What we’ve found, in our short time of existence, is that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things".

"StoneWater is a different kind of church. We wear shorts and flip flops, and play some rockin’ music. We present real biblical truths in relevant and practical ways. We’re a church that desires to walk alongside the family and equip them to follow Jesus Christ, and we’re very passionate about our Children and Student ministries. We’re a church that strongly values the roles of men and women. We’re a church that thinks BIG and has huge plans to multiply God’s Kingdom through church planting".

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We pride our selves by many things, but having happy customers, customers who sees the value of what we have done for them is priceless and motives us to be even better.

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