Plugins are there to make your life easier, they provide out-of-the-box functionality like Time, ticker, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We are adding new plugins and improving existing ones all the time so feel free to contact us if your particular use-case isn’t covered. Scroll down to see what’s available and get inspired!

Play Digital Signage Plugins

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Image Plugin


Image is a plugin enabling you to add images of different formats to your content. With Images you can resize, change opacity, etc.

Video Plugin


Video is a plugin for adding your own local storage video to your content. All video’s are downloaded to your player for smooth playback.

Youtube Plugin


Youtube is web-based videos in your content directly from Youtube.

Pixabay Plugin


Amazing photos, videos and even illustration that are royalty-free and looks great in your content.

Unsplash Plugin


Unsplash delivers gorgeous royalty-free photos for you to use in your content.

GIPHY Plugin


Need something dynamic in your content? Giphy provides royalty-free GIF animations for your content.

RSS Ticker Plugin

RSS Ticker

RSS ticker is built on top of our existing ticker module, but instead of writing text that scrolls from left to right, you provide the plugin with your URL to the RSS feed. You can choose between displaying the title, content or both in the ticker.

Media RSS Plugin


MediaRSS is a plugin for RSS standard to include images and video in the feed. It opens up for various integrations with 3rd party content providers for plugins such as stock prices, weather (in case you don’t like our native weather plugin), Facebook, sports, etc.

Stream Plugin


Stream is LIVE streaming based on one of the best known streams in the world. Stream uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol making it possible to easily add live streaming to your content.

Website Plugin


Website plugin is the easiest way of integrating external content, you can add a link to URL or paste HTML code widget. 

Google Slides Plugin

Google Slides

Embed your content from Google Slides using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Docs Plugin

Google Docs

Embed your content from Google Docs using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Sheets Plugin

Google Sheets

Embed your content from Google Sheets using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Calendar Plugin

Google Calendar

Embed your calendar from Google Cal using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps

Embed Google Maps content using our HTML5 website plugin.

Button Plugin


Do you want people to interact with your content? The button plugin allows you to add clickable areas which navigate the user to another slide of your choice upon being clicked. Such interactions are especially useful on touch screens.

Facebook Post Plugin

Facebook Posts

We know you spent hours updating and making sure your Facebook page looks interesting, so why not drag all that content on to your signage screens? 

Facebook Photo Plugin

Facebook Photo

Display any gallery from any Facebook page. The Facebook Photo lets you display dynamic photos from any Facebook page, it makes your content come alive!

Twitter Plugin


Would you like to see the tweets of a particular profile, hashtag or list in real-time? We got you covered with our intuitive and full-featured Twitter plugin.

Instagram Photo Plugin

Instagram Photo

As with any other social plugin, Instagram Photo adds colorful and gorgeous content — Live content that helps keep your audience interested.

Instagram Hashtag Plugin

Instagram #

Instagram Hashtag lets you add up to 5 different hashtags. If you want to display content based on motorcycles you add #motorcycle.

Vimeo Plugin


You can Embed Vimeo Videos into Play Digital Signage playlists using website plugin HTML code option.

Playlist in Playlist Plugin

Playlist in Playlist

With Playlist Plugin you can embed Play Digital Signage playlists into slides. We call these embedded playlists “sub-playlists” and the playlist that contains sub-playlists is referred to as master playlist.

Ticker Plugin


Easily catch your audience’s attention with moving text.

Clock Plugin


Clock plugin imitates analog clock look and feel.

Time and Date Plugin

Time and Date

Display the current time and/or date next to your other content effortlessly with help of the time and date plugins.

Counter Plugin


The yearly corporate trip is coming up, but how many days? Counter plugin can keep your viewers up-to-date on when is the next release, launch, event, etc.

Quote Plugin


The quote plugin will keep your content alive and interesting to those who watch. You can display quotes from one or multiple categories.

Today in History Plugin

Today in History

This plugin brings interesting facts about what happened on this date. You can either display the most recent events or randomly deliver events.

Weather Plugin


What’s the weather like outside? Keep your audience informed about the latest forecasts with this state of the art weather plugin.

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