Google ChromeCast

Chromecast with Google TV

There are many Chromecast devices out there, it is important to mention that only the device named “Chromecast with Google TV” is suitable as a media player for PlaySignage. Previous Chromecast versions were focused on streaming and did not have sufficient storage to meet the needs of a signage player. The supported version however is considered one of the best players in it’s price range. It has 2GB RAM so it can have several content zones and fast enough processor to render most transition effects smoothly.


1. Install the APP

If you are signed in to the same Google account as on the Chromecast, you can remotely install our app from Play Store.

Otherwise you can open the app store and search for “PlaySignage”

2. Grant permissions

In order to launch at system startup, our app needs to be explicitly granted a permission called “Display over other apps”:


The app is not starting up with the device?

Currently there is a 10 minute delay with the app launch after the initial startup, we are trying to find a solution to it.