Working with Chrome Device Management

For those wanting a higher level of management and monitoring you should be looking in to Google’s Chrome Device Management. Adding your devices to Chrome Device Management, amongst other features, adds the feature of KIOSK mode on all your Chrome devices.

You can setup Chrome Device Management here:

Below you will find hints and instructions on how to setup and manage your devices.

  • You need to be superadmin to be able to use add devices in Google Admin
  • You need to wipe the device before trying to add the device

Follow Google’s instructions on how to add your Chrome devices to your account.

Managing and monitoring your Chrome devices

When your Chrome device has been added you have tools for managing and monitoring your devices directly from your account.

  • Reboot the device
  • Take a snapshot
  • Set the volume
  • Disable the device

In addition you will find hardware information as well as health stuff for all your devices.

Adding Play Digital Signage in KIOSK mode

To add Play Digital Signage to your devices you need to add our app and set it as the default KIOSK app.

  1. Click Apps & extensions in the upper menu bar

2. Then click Kiosk (Users & Browsers, Kiosk, Managed Guest Sessions).

3. Hit the add button in the lower right corner

4. Click Add from Chrome webstore.

5. In the top right search for Play Digital Signage and hit enter.

6. When you’ve found our app click Select.

7. After adding the app you need to choose it in Auto-lunch app and you’re good to go.

When you’re done you should be able to reboot the device from your account, the device is not going to ask for username and password and the app will auto-launch. In fact you don’t need to do anything.