Rikomagic DS02

The Rikomagic DS02 has an Android operating system and supports 4G, Wifi, and rotation. It also has a metal case. The Rikomagic can keep up with most content. However, it failed tests with 4K video, element animations, advanced level playlists, and zones. This media player is a solid mid-level choice.

What does Rikomagic say about their player?

KM DS02 Android7.1/9.0 Rockchip RK3288 Network signage/advertising player; Digital signage media player support rotation, RTC, time on/off; Dual-band WIFI 802.11ac, 4G SIM supported, Metal Case with a better heat sink.

 2+16G or 4+32G for Option, VESA bracket for option

DS02 has been approved by Play Digital Signage, and recommended by Play Digital Signage in the signage market.

Slide transition effects (?) Rikomagic ICON YES
Element animations (?) ICON NO
Ticker support (?) Rikomagic ICON YES
Script injection (?) ICON NO
Screenshot (?) Rikomagic ICON YES
Touch support (?) Rikomagic ICON YES
4K Video ICON NO
Simple level playlist Rikomagic ICON YES
Advanced level playlist ICON NO
Zones (One zone) (?) Rikomagic ICON YES
Zones (Multiple zones) (?) ICON NO
Ethernet Rikomagic ICON YES
Fan-less Rikomagic ICON YES

Brand: Rikomagic
Model: DS02


Android 7.1 OS, 1.8 ghz., Quad-Core Rockchip RK3288 Cortex A17 CPU, 2GB DDR3 Ram, 16GB internal storage, Quad-Core Arm Mali T760 MP GPU.

Rikomagic Android Rikomagic Touch
Rikomagic Wireless Rikomagic Ethernet